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  1. TangoOversway

    Pre-planning - Electrical Power Questions

    There's a thread here where I asked about an issue I'll have to deal with for my pool, so I guess that's an introduction to what I'm doing and I'll be posting pics and so forth there as things move along. But for now, I have a few questions regarding planning. I know I need to power a pump...
  2. TangoOversway

    Planning a pool and dealing with trees and leaves

    I'm starting the planning stages of building a swimming pool. While we have a decent amount of acreage, there is really only one place that works for a pool, which is by an old cinder block barn a few hundred feet from the house. There is an abandon former-cesspool near the old pig barn...
  3. TangoOversway

    Hello from a Total Neophyte in Richmond, VA

    Just saying, "Hi!" to everyone. I've never lived where I could have my own pool before and now we have a large lot with an old barn on it. We're turning the barn into a recreation area and I'm going to be building a swimming pool near it. (So I guess that means the barn is also our pool...