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    I needed to pump water off the pool cover and then realized that my outlets around the pool were turned off when the pool was closed last week. Was it ok to turn my ET back on and the pool lights/outlets breaker? Because that's what I did. I left the breaker off for heater/pump/swg. Is it ok to...
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    Polaris 9300 sport...used. yay or nay?

    Hi. Someone is selling a used polaris 9300 sport with extra power center for $400. I know it's a good deal (right?) But is it a good cleaner? Thanks.
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    New pool in Jersey...they're here!

    Omg, the excavation is about to begin! PB said Tuesday or Thursday but I really didn't think they would be here because so far communication hasn't been great. But they pulled up at 7:45am and are about to spray then dig.
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    New in NJ

    Hello. I have been stalking the site for the last 4 months or so and although I should've asked for advice when deciding my PB, I didn't, so now it is what it is. We just got word that they will dig this week and I'm freaking out because its almost time for me to start caring for a pool...