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  1. mbar

    Is there a good ph meter?

    My niece wants to do a science project to test the ph of soda. I was wondering if there is a good ph meter that will work for testing ph without having to match colors like in the test kits. Any ideas would be very welcome :)
  2. mbar

    Ascorbic Treatment to rid Pool of metal stains

    Here are the directions to use Ascorbic acid to rid your pool of metal stains: Here is the ascorbic treatment: Take your chlorine down to 0 and PH down to 7.2, if there is chlorine in the water it won't hurt, it will just eat up the ascorbic acid, so you will need more to get rid of the...
  3. mbar

    Opening with high ph anyone?

    There have been a lot of posts in the stain section on the Pool Forum this year about plaster pools getting scale over the winter . It seems that some dirt has gotten encapsulated by the scale, causing stains. Some of the pools are new, and others have not had a problem before with this. They...
  4. mbar

    Pictues of my pool Mbar

    Here are some pictures of my pool, the flowers are not grown in yet, but they are planted :-D
  5. mbar


    Hi, Some of you may know me from the pool forum. My name is Marie, I live in Northeast Pa, married with 7 children (three mine four his) 5 grandchildren. I don't work, or I should say I don't get paid for my work :roll:. I have a fiberglass pool 16 x 32 x 6'. I had the pool installed 8 years...