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    Talking with PB about freeform designs and i have a question

    Started talking with my local PB guy who everyone has recommended to me. He's given me a couple quotes on two different size pools... 20 x 40 and 18 x 36. He's saying i'll get about 700 sq ft of actual pool with the 20 x 40, and 550 sq ft. out of an 18 x 36 freeform. How do you figure square...
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    Looking to build first new pool in my backyard. Vinyl or Concrete?

    I'm currently in the process of getting quotes to build a pool in my backyard. I'm leaning towards an 18 x 40 freeform concrete pool. I have lots of trees in my backyard, plus wild animals and my big dogs that could potential get into the pool which is why i'm leaning towards concrete over...