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    Ultra frame 14x48

    Can I still get a 14 x 48 ultra frame liner for my pool.i can't find them on there website
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    intex swg

    i have a intex swg and have it set for 3 hour run time and it does great but i noticed that when it gets down to a hour left it is not bubbleing like it does at the first start of the cycle this normal
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    finally got all my chemicals in spec and now here in north alabama this morning we have got 3+ inches of rain with more on the way......i have already drained water out once this morning now getting ready to do it again soon....i know this will kill my salt and CYA readings. is there anything...
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    finally clear

    finally got pool clear CL=8.5 CC=0.5 TC=9 TA=70 PH=7.2 CH=50 I know cl still a bit high but its slowly comming down....i had good test results like these yesterday morning but still had a cloudy pool and talked to several people and was told to try the pool clearifyer ...its the blue bottle...
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    still cloudy and greenish

    i have a 14-48 ultra frame intex i been trying to clean up for a few weeks now and i am having trouble clearing it up still cya was 50 and i have had it at shock level for 3 days now and it is still cloudy with a light greenish color to it ph is 7.4 and ta was 70...
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    turned green from cloudy blue

    i added my borax and cya and this morning the pool had turned green from a cloudy blue ....i also added about a half of a jug of dollar store brand bleach what did this???
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    still new and lost

    hey guys last year was pretty easy keeping up the pool sence it was new that it has went through 1 winter in north alabama its still cloudy and it want clear up using my filter readings from the tf100 kit are as follows TA=40....PH=a little less than 6.8 but its real close to...
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    i have a intex 14-48 with the pump that came with it and was wondering how long yall let them run. i have a swg i got at the same time and really havent used it yet as im still trying to clear it up better using bleach right now for my chlorine
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    free chlorine

    is it possible to loose all my chlorine in a night i an just starting and had 0 chlorine and added bleach and got it to 10 yesterday and now as of 10 am this morning its around .5 how can i loose this much........what do i need to do . my other chemicals are near perfect
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    new in north alabama

    i just purchased a intex 14x48 pool and the swg from walmart online. got my swg in yesterday and expecting pool in soon . i was wondering about ground prep (what to use under pool sand , ... exe ) and what i would need to expect wile assembeling the pool its self. i am mechanically inclined...