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    How much CYA to add?

    I’ve looked in pool math and the forum but can’t figure out what I should do. I just added about 300 gallons of water to my pool. My CYA was at 30 before I added the water, now it is obviously less but my test kit only goes as low as 30. How much CYA should I add to get it back up? I am nervous...
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    Intex eyeball adapter

    I upgraded my pump, and the new eyeball for the return is too big to fit through the original hole in my pool. Does anyone know if Intex makes an adapter for this? I figure they must, but I would rather ask here than deal with one of their customer service reps or sift through a gazilion bits...
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    HELP quick please!

    I was just going to pump out some water from my AGP to lower my CYA, and my sump pump put a hole in the seam at the bottom of my liner! I'm running to the hardware store, is there anything I can get there to stop the leak before I have 5k gal of water in my backyard! Gah!!!
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    Skimmer issues

    I have an over the side skimmer on my pool. I have always used the little grey cap on the second inlet so that more water is forced through the inlet where the skimmer is attached. Well, last week, I added plunger valves to my lines, and now I get air in my suction line whenever I try to use the...
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    Just finished SLAM and leaving town

    I literally just finished my SLAM this morning, and we are leaving town for a few days this evening. My CYA is currently at 30. I'm wondering if it would be a good idea to throw a puck of dichlor in my skimmer to keep the FC up and also increase my CYA a bit, since I planned on doing that anyway...
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    Can this be fixed?

    I just opened my pool last week. It’s been really rainy lately, and my yard tends to run really wet at baseline. So I didn’t think anything of it when the side of the pool near the pump has become a muddy mess. Well, this morning I happened to notice a little trickle coming from underneath my...
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    Newbie about to start first SLAM

    Hi all, I'm hoping I can get some advice as I begin my first SLAM. By way of background, I bought my pool last summer. I did not winterize it properly, and when I uncovered it this spring, I found a nice green swamp. Last Friday, the guy at the pool store sent me home with a bag of "shock...