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    pump to skimmer/filter to return hose

    Can ends of 6' hoses be replaced to shorten length? Have seen screw on ends for vacuum hoses, would they work here?
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    Rotten, useless critters - mole damage

    Live eastern coast NE NC. Have soil that is pretty much sand. Pool installed by previous owner, sand base, lined steel panels, cove padding. By the book. Now, we have been having problems with moles :mad: devastating our yard with their tunnels, even trying to get under liner. Edges under pool...
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    CYA loss from water evap?

    3 weeks 90+ temps, no rain, I have been adding water approx 2 inches per day. CYA had been 40, was adding gallon of bleach per day, testing 6-7ppm. FC numbers started dropping and rechecked CYA and found less than 30. Have my daily water additions caused CYA loss? Also read somewhere CYA loss...
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    Cannot find obvi leak, lose 1-2" water over nite

    Have owned pool since '11. This year, losing water overnite (1-2 inches), fill it up in the morning and by time adding nightly bleach, need to add another inch or 2 water. Cannot locate any obvi leaks, use TFP method. We have been fairly dry this season and not terribly humid. Although we have...
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    Diagnosed Mustard Algea

    Read articles on mustard algea and am ready to start SLAM until pass OCLT then super SLAM for 24 hrs. Need to sweep, above ground 27' vinyl. Do I need to stay out of water while slam or can I sweep from inside? Am battling small leak (unidentified) at same time so am adding well water thru hose...
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    Water thru filter or recirculate over winter

    Hi - Above ground vinyl in eastern NC. Have leaf mesh on water and run pump several hours a day. Should I be filtering or just recirculating? Thanks.
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    Sand coming out of return

    Hi all - Need some advice. Neighbor and I have Hayward sand filters. She closed pool, I did not. Decided to do deep clean of filters several weeks ago.. Started with hers. Did not attach pump, just started by capping filter drain and started adding water using hose to gently poke around. Got...
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    Deep clean sand filter

    Read tutorial and watched videos. My Hayward T210 is up and running. Can I just take the hose and start running water to float debris without draining filter? Thanks.
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    pH keeps dropping

    Having problem keeping pH up, since I put solar cover on 2 months ago. After month or so, pH keep creeping down until got below 7. Put in pool math recommended Borax (aimed for 7.5) and zoomed to 8.0 (? highest number kit tests)after a couple of days, started coming down, again, and continued to...
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    Lower pH with solar cover on?

    Overshot Borax trying to bring up pH from 7.0, ended up at 7.8. Need to add muratic acid to lower slightly. Solar cover cause any problems? Time of day matter? Thanks.
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    Algea? Or what?

    Trying not to "close" pool this year. Been using solar cover and leaf net, monitoring numbers at least every other day, adding bleach as needed. Running pump everyday on low 8 hrs. Sometimes split between hi and low. Most recent numbers FC - 7 CC - 0. pH - 7.3 TA - 50 CYA - 40 water temp 66...
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    Adding Borax

    First time this summer, needing to bump up pH. Instead of trying to dissolve borax in bucket of pool water (unless warm pool water now will dissolve it better) to add in front of return, would the cya sock method work better?
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    Muratic Acid from paint dept

    Need to lower pH a bit and found Muratic Acid at WMart by Kleen Strip Green. Couldn't find percentage on label for Poolmath so called mfg. Told me 20-1/2% with Baume' of 13. Numbers not offered in Poolmath drop down to figure quantity to add. Anyone help? Thanks.
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    Trying to help friend

    HI - neighbor hasn't yet found her way to TFP. Dealing with algea, I offered to bring my testing supplies and find out what going on. Pool AG round, 19300 gal, Hayward sand filter, 3/4 HP pump. FC - 0 CC - 16 Ph 7.4 CYA - up ti fill on K2006 and still see dot Knowing she needed SLAMI put in...
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    Chlorine-Free Sun Shock Water Purifier

    Really? Does this work? Says up to 35,000 gallons. Anyone have any experience? Chem Geek - anything? Or sounds too good to be true - probably is? Karen
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    Two weeks into TPF ... where do I go from here

    It's been two weeks enjoying TFP since three drainings, refills and pink slime:p. Current numbers are hangin' steady FC - 6 CC - 0 pH - 7.4 TA - 100 CH - 50 CYA - 50 Do I need to address the high TA now? Thanks.
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    Solar cover, rain & leaves

    Finally enjoying pool after stabilizer problems. All good now. Have decided to put solar cover on to continue using pool while temps start to cool. Few leaves and blown in debris from quick storm last nite on cover. Expectations if we just dump cover into pool while removing to use, besides...
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    Can you test bleach for chemical effectiveness

    This may sound strange, but discussions on bleach storage and product becoming less useful, is there a test that could be performed to see if product still good or less and would need to use more for good results. Karen
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    stabilizer 300, phosphates 500, FC at 1 - HELP

    10-12 yr old pool, 23000 gal above ground, sand filter, vinyl liner. Fairly new to pools, past three years uneventful. This year having problems keeping FC numbers up. Had switched algaecide (using maintenance dose) and ended up with case of pink algea. Superchlorinated with 6#dichlor, had to...