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  1. mac.dblues

    Did a little upgrading and now have questions.

    So, over the winter we bought a new sand filter for our Intex pool and as part of the process, I hard plumbed it to the pool to reduce drag inside the plumbing, and well, to be perfectly honest, so that I can say I hard plumbed our pool. Ha! Since hard plumbing and upgrading to the Hayward...
  2. mac.dblues

    Intex Privacy

    Has anyone come up with a make shift privacy fence for an Intex Ultra frame Pool? If so, post some pics up in here! Once I get our pool set up, one side will be visible to our next door neighbors and another few feet will be visible from our road. Don't want to fence all the way around since...
  3. mac.dblues

    Gonna have to do it all over again...

    If you don't know our story, you can click the link in my signature below. The short version of our story is this. Two summers ago, we bought a used 16' floating ring Intex from a friend to see if we would actually use, take care of and enjoy a pool in our back yard. We liked it so much we...
  4. mac.dblues

    Mildew / grime on Ultraframe Pool rails.

    In the short amount of time (3 months?) we have had our Ultraframe pool set up, our top rails had begun to turn brown. A mixture of dirt, tree ****e, and Mildew as best as we could tell. Before: We had had enough looking at that grime, (especially right beside the sparkling water TFPC...
  5. mac.dblues

    Uh oh!

    Spotted these in the scrap metal bin at work just now! Looks like somebody had an uh oh moment!!!
  6. mac.dblues

    How to drain your pool... redneck engineering.

    So, we figured out our CYA was through the roof. Had to drain today and had decided we would use the filter pump to pump through the waste port on the sand filter. We disconnected our suction line from our Hayward skimmer and put it back on the factory suction port. It pumped down pretty...
  7. mac.dblues

    About to start using the TFPC Method!

    Hi all, I'm getting ready to switch from test strips and big name chemicals to TFPC Method over the next few days/couple of weeks. I have received my K-2006 test kit. My Speed Stir and Sample Sizer are in transit. After receiving the K-2006 and before I tested with it, I dipped a test strip...
  8. mac.dblues

    Attaching Intex ladder to deck?

    I know I have seen pictures on here where people have cut off their Intex ladder and mounted it to their deck. But I have searched to no avail! If you have done this, can you post some pictures to give me an idea of how you attached yours? Thanks in advance.
  9. mac.dblues

    Our L.A. (Lower Arkansas) pool install.

    Last year we bought a used 16 foot Intex Easy Set pool from a friend. After two days of patching, patching, and more patching. We enjoyed this little pool enough we decided to buy a slightly larger Intex Ultra Frame 20' X 52". Last years pool and installation semi-failure... My wife cleared...