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    Black particles in water

    My readings this morning: FC 3 pH 7.8 TA 80 CH 250 CYA 60 Salt 3100 Water Temp 86 CSI -0.07 Water is clear. Pool looks good. Working on getting the CYA and FC up alittle more. However, when I go to either skimmer I find the black particles in the attached picture. Any idea what this is?
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    Pool will not hold chlorine

    Thanks Pool Gate. I appreciate the comments. I think you are right that my chlorine output is not sufficient. I will consider adjusting % and time going forward. Updated: So yesterday we had some pretty good thunderstorms both during the afternoon and evening. Tested FC and pH again. 9 PM...
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    Pool will not hold chlorine

    In past years, I have kept my chlorine at 4-6 range and run SWG between 50-70% for 8-10 hours. Never had issues. Crystal clear water, chlorine level maintained (once I acheived the initial balance for the season). 8-9 chlorine seems high. Not sure on the SWG. cell and contacts were cleaned...
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    Pool will not hold chlorine

    Went away for almost a week and came back to 0 chlorine. Has been that way for several days. Tried adding bleach - no luck Tried boosting the SWG (100% for 24 hrs) - no luck My readings this AM: FC - 0 pH - 8.2 TA - 90 CH - 300 CYA - 45 Salt - 3100 SWG runs at 55% for 8 hours per day (8:15 -...
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    Salt Level Accuracy

    Which would you trust? SWG generator digital display or salt test strip from Aquacheck? Fairly large range between the two: SWG - 4100 Aquacheck test strip - 3110
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    Pool Reagents

    I purchased the Home Depot HDX kit when I was a newbie (didn't know any better). After finding TFP, I saw the light and purchased a TF-100 test kit. Thx TFP! Question - are any of the chemicals in the HDX set the same as the ones in the TF-100? Can you use them interchangeably with the...