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    Which is better? Tile or plaster?

    Construction is just getting underway for our new indoor therapy pool in Homer, AK. 12,500 gallons, 26' X 16' X 4'. I'm trying to decide if I should put in plaster or ceramic tile on the pool walls, bottom? If I go with tiles, I want to use epoxy grout. We have a very talented tile guy here...
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    Never owned a pool before.

    I’m having an APT (aquatic physical therapy) pool built this Summer. Hopefully will open in the Fall. Indoor pool, 12,500 gallons. UV blocking windows. I want to use Clear Comfort (AOP) with liquid chlorine (variable Stenner Pump). The pool surface will be ceramic tiles with epoxy grout. PT...
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    Never owned a pool before.

    I'm a new member. My life partner, Anette, is a Physical Therapist here in Homer, AK. She now "rents" time at a local health club in Homer for $165.00 per hour to provide aquatic PT. She also rents another building to hold exercise classes. So I have decided to build her a new indoor pool. It...