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  1. douglasj76

    Buying used Aquabot Turbo Classic

    Found one on Facebook. Claims that it is a 2014 model and only used twice. Looks brand new in the pics and I can pick it up for $300 tomorrow morning. Would be using it on a 15x30 AGP. Should I do it?
  2. douglasj76

    15x30 cover

    Can someone reccomend a decent winter cover. I'm OK if it just lasts the winter then I toss it in the spring. Just want to make sure it lasts the winter tho. Pretty good amount of leaves and snow will be on it.
  3. douglasj76

    Intex as a brand

    I see so many pool owners in here that choose this brand for their above ground pools. What is the reason? To me they seem like a cheap brand. Are they really that great of a value compared to other brands? Especially when you get into large sizes... Wouldn't you want something with more...
  4. douglasj76

    Oval Above Ground in Cleveland

    Hello Everyone, So our family decided to go ahead and take advantage of some year end deals. It's a 15' x 30' Pinnacle from Lighthouse Pools here in the Cleveland area. The fun part is watching this happen, the not so fun part will be trenching for the electrical and gas. I'll be updating with...
  5. douglasj76

    Gas line for new Pentaire Mastertemp 125

    Hello everyone, First post here. We will be getting new above ground pool in the next couple weeks. Question is on the gas line size and what size I can get away with. Just looking for opinions. I called the gas company and they confirmed the meter I have will support my new pool heater. Here...