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    Robotic Pool Cleaner - A30i/S300i feedback

    Hi, I am getting ready to buy a robotic pool cleaner and I have noted from the forum discussions that many people are happy with the Dolphin and I called Marina Pools to get the details of the models they sold. I am thinking really hard about the A30i - from your person experiences, can you tell...
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    First Testing - Need feedback

    Got the water tested at Leslie's and tested it myself for the first time using a TF-100 as well. Leslie's results FC - 6 TC - 6 CH - 300 CYA - 125 TA - 220 pH - 7.6 TDS - 2600 Pho - 1000 They recommended draining the pool. When we didn't want to do that, they recommended using muriatic acid to...
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    Pool Returns

    Hello, I moved in to a house with an in-ground pool about a year ago and we immediately hired somebody to maintain the pool for us - who we have not been very happy with. I've been reading a lot of great advice on this forum and mustering up the courage to maintain the pool myself! Thank you for...