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    Hayward VS 950 Omni...bringing a pool back from the green abyss

    Hi Everyone, I had an old 2HP Tristar pump that failed on me while I was out of town. It remained down for about two weeks, and I've been doing minimal manual maintenance in the meantime. I drained off about 2/3 of the pool (because it was probably due anyway), refilled, and just got my new...
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    Hayward Tristar VS 950 Omni install

    Hi all- I had an old Tristar pump that recently died on me. I ultimately decided that the Hayward Tristar 950 VS would be a good replacement...and then I further decided I might as well get the VS 950 Omni. The thinking is that I could just drop the pump in to get the pool going again, and...
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    Help me identify replacement options

    I have a several year old Hayward Tristar pump that died on me while out of town (because of course it would). I can't find any model numbers that match up online but it looks like a 2HP, single speed pump. Here are pics of relevant info: It'd be great to know what the Hayward pump that...