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    EC65A pressure gauge stuck

    My Hayward EC65A DE filter's pressure gauge indicator needle has somehow become stuck below the metal pin at 0 psi, so it can't advance and register pressure. This is the 2nd time this has happened in the last few years (1st time I just replaced it with a spare from an old filter I had laying...
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    SLAMming and adding water?

    Not sure where to begin... I have an older in-ground pool, vinyl liner (replaced in 2012, currently in good shape, I think). Pool is 45'x22', approximately 25,000 gallons. Filter is a Hayward EC65A DE model. We are located on the East Coast, near Baltimore. Weather has been alternately cool...
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    Hayward 1.5HP pump strainer gasket leak

    Wasn't happy at all with the performance of my filter last summer (some of the filter cluster fingers were broken, allowing silt and yuck back into the return), so this year bought a new Hayward EC65A and rebuilt all my above ground plumbing. It's tighter than it's ever been since we bought the...