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    Is there a Good Automatic Chlorinator?

    I had a good unit for about 25 years. It took a cartridge that lasted the whole 2 weeks we were on vacation. The sun UV finally corroded it and it needed to be replaced. The local dealer still sold the cartridges, but the unit was out of production. The alternative unit was a "Swimline" unit...
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    Pool Hose Discoloration

    Years ago I had a hose crack while on vacation, so now I replace them annually. I have 2 hoses - one from the skimmer to the pump, and the other from the filter back to the discharge into the pool. I buy the high pressure hoses that are grey in color. This year the return hose from the filter...
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    Winter Cover Pillow

    Had the pool for 25 years. Never had a problem before the past 5 years. Put the cover on in September with a blue pillow. By the end of October it was no more. Took the cover off today and it was deflated, full of water and at the bottom of the pool. The red plug was firmly in place and I...
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    Closing Chemicals

    24' round Cl bleach treated pool....Northern snow climate. The pool store sells a "closing kit" comprised of a gallon of "winter conditioner", a gal of algaecide and 2 gal of shock. You are supposed to put them in, mix with the filter pump and then drain below the fittings and put on the...
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    TA ?

    My TA is 50, the book says it should be 100. Yes, I am wiping per the directions on the TF-100 kit. My pH has been a constant 7.5 all Summer. Never changed. Should I be worried? Should I get some baking soda and adjust it up? Or, leave well enough alone?
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    Not Complaining, but...

    I've been following your methods and using your test kit and supplies for several years. All my algae problems are a thing of the past. This year, my pool has looked cleaner and more pristine than ever. However, I am hardly using any chlorine! In the past, to keep the CL at the right level...
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    Test Kit Questions

    I have a TF-100 as required, yada, yada. The tube used for CYA has gotten discolored (browned), presumably from the chemicals used. I wonder if I am getting the correct results. How do I clean it? Do I have to clean it?
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    Pool Cover Woes

    CAN'T KEEP THE COVER ON. 24' Above ground pool. We always put on a 28' cover, based on past experience. The edge of the cover has a cable thru the grommets, PLUS we put a second cable right at the top of the pool. Additionally, the cover is clipped all around the edge. I fill the cover with...
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    Poor Performance of Hayward Aquabug

    I am having trouble getting it to suck properly. It looks like it is sucking air, with insufficient water going through the hose. Its a hassle to get the air out of the hose in the first place. It floats too well. But even when I do, the volume of air in the pump strainer (don't know what to...
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    Bleach Usage Level

    The pool chemistry is perfect this year and the water is awesome....thanks to this site. I am maintaining the FC at 6 in the morning and 4 in the evening, which is exactly what the guide says for my CYA of 50. To do that requires the addition of 2 quarts of 8.25% grocery store bleach every...
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    Possible Cause of Algae

    I had a lot of problems last year with recurring algae. After finding this site and following all the rules listed here I finally solved it. So far this year the chemistry is perfect and the water crystal clear. It occurred to me that last year we had a bunch of kids use the pool regularly...
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    Few Basic Questions

    Now that the pool is covered and snow will be here shortly, its never too early to prepare for next year. I've read a lot here and its been enlightening. But still have some questions: 1. Why is algaecide not recommended? 2. Why is clarifier not recommended? 3. What should the level of...
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    Never Ending Green Algae

    I'm starting a new thread so nobody has to read thru all of the old trials and tribulations... To summarize: Had a pool for 25 years and never had algae problems before. The third time it happened this year I found this site. Bought the recommended kit, did the slam, etc, etc. Switched to...
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    Auto Pool Vacuumer

    I've seen ads for cleaners like Wanda and AquaBug that clean the bottom. Sounds like a better way. Buttt... 1. Do you leave it on all the time? 2. If not how much time? 3. Since it works off the skimmer, if its running do you lose the skimming action? 4. Any downsides?
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    I read in some threads that pool store shock is not recommend by the people on this forum. The shock at my pool store is 12.5% Sodium Hypochlorite. Another pool store sells 10.0% Sod. Hyp. The chemical company down the street sells "fresh pool chlorine" and its 12.5% Sod. Hyp. The grocery...
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    What Chlorine?

    I have an issue with high CYA. Just read the book on the Dichlor I use and it says includes stabilizer. What CL should I use to keep the FC correct but not add more stabilizer? I would prefer a powder and not have deal with liquid bottles.
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    Stubborn Algae

    OK, I lied. The algae problem isn't solved. So let me provide the details. Opened the pool in May, perfectly clean water, no problems Stayed OK until late June - minor algae, added 4 gal of Shock, adjusted the pH, had it under control in a day. Last week it came back again - it took 16...
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    Skimmer Door Requirement

    First post... I've had an algae problem recently and learned enough here to solve the problem. So, I figured I should join... Now just a simple question... Recently had the flapping door in the skimmer get stuck twice, thus stopping the waterflow and starving the pump. Once it was a drowned...