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    Black particles in water

    My readings this morning: FC 3 pH 7.8 TA 80 CH 250 CYA 60 Salt 3100 Water Temp 86 CSI -0.07 Water is clear. Pool looks good. Working on getting the CYA and FC up alittle more. However, when I go to either skimmer I find the black particles in the attached picture. Any idea what this is?
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    Pool will not hold chlorine

    Went away for almost a week and came back to 0 chlorine. Has been that way for several days. Tried adding bleach - no luck Tried boosting the SWG (100% for 24 hrs) - no luck My readings this AM: FC - 0 pH - 8.2 TA - 90 CH - 300 CYA - 45 Salt - 3100 SWG runs at 55% for 8 hours per day (8:15 -...
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    Salt Level Accuracy

    Which would you trust? SWG generator digital display or salt test strip from Aquacheck? Fairly large range between the two: SWG - 4100 Aquacheck test strip - 3110
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    white particle on bottom of pool

    Our plaster has flecks of color and it seems like the white flecks in the plaster are becoming more visibly pronounced. No noticeable impact if brushed but I am noticing white particles occasionally on the bottom of the pool. Not a lot of them. Any ideas what this might be? All pool testing...
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    Pool filter basket discoloration

    Any idea what could be causing the discoloration of my pool filter basket? 3 year old pool. Never had any significant issues. Water almost always looks clear. No out of whack testing this year (or any year for that matter). Thx.
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    Pool Reagents

    I purchased the Home Depot HDX kit when I was a newbie (didn't know any better). After finding TFP, I saw the light and purchased a TF-100 test kit. Thx TFP! Question - are any of the chemicals in the HDX set the same as the ones in the TF-100? Can you use them interchangeably with the...
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    TFP parameters vs SWG manufacturer's parameters

    I see the parameters for SWG recommended on this site. How do I reconcile them with what my SWG manual recommends? Thx.