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  1. afbatts

    Mosquito control chemicals and your pool

    How long does the propane tank last? Do you run it all the time or just at night? Thanks
  2. afbatts

    Mosquito control chemicals and your pool

    we live in the Country in South Central Louisiana. we dont spray anything in our yard for mosquitos because of pets, we like to walk barefoot etc... We use something called Mosquito Eradicator. It works extremely well and you hang them around the property. They have how to's, as far as...
  3. afbatts

    Filter cleaning

    I I have been using the ones at sunplay made by bioguard they are $16.00 for 5 socks. What are you using that you are able to get them at such a great price??? Thanks Bryan
  4. afbatts

    Steps in applying Magic Lube II to pump basket o-ring?

    i have a variable speed pump that i run at 60% it always has air in the top. If i put the pump on 100% all the air goes away. If i put it back on 60% i will have air. as @duraleigh said its normal at low speeds. At least for me it happens this way also.
  5. afbatts

    Wife just fired my pool guy - Want to make sure I am on right track cause plan on going it myself

    I have a Water Softener at my house and it does reduce the level of calcium of my fill water. Bryan Batts
  6. afbatts

    SWG vs Chlorine not making sense

    I let my SWG run the whole time my pump is running. I just lower the Percentage to make the right amount of chlorine. so i have it set on 15% like Hootz does. Like Hootz once I got my CYA up 70-80 my chlorine consumption was reduced.
  7. afbatts

    New pool first test

    Make sure you refer to the Recommended Levels. Everything looks okay just need to bring your CYA up to at least 70 for SWG pools. I Printed out that recommended levels list and i keep it close by for reference. Yea I usually knock my PH down to 7.4-7.5 when it takes three drops of acid demand...
  8. afbatts

    New pool first test

    It could be that your PH is a little higher then 8.0 I plugged in your information and to go from 8.0 to 7.6 would be 27 ounces MA 31.45% if you go from 8.0 to 7.4 it would be 46 ounces MA 31.45%. but if its higher then 8.0 that number may increase. I see you have a spa, so you may be...
  9. afbatts

    New pool first test

    I use baking soda to raise TA when I need to which has only happened twice in two years. I keep my TA at 80. I have a SWG and Fiberglass pool.
  10. afbatts

    Pool Math and Taylor calculator Don’t Agree on CSI

    I am wondering the same thing. I have used Taylor SI for a while with no problems. When I look at the Pool Math CSI I am -.6 which is bad in my book. So if I adjust to max out CH to 320 and TA to 80 with my PH from 7.2 to 7.8 it still puts my CSI pool Math from. -.58 to -.10 my pool looks...
  11. afbatts

    Are SWG's really worth the hype? your experience beforevsafter, recommend type

    I’m with you on that!! I maintain a slightly below 0.0 CSI and my Cell is always clean. Like -.1 -.2 i was amazed at how clean it was.
  12. afbatts

    Pool water collection device??

    How about a grabber tool?? Best Reachers and Grabber Tools | Updated for 2019 |
  13. afbatts

    New Pool - Upstate NY

    Awesome plumbing work!!!! Looks great!!! Enjoy!!
  14. afbatts

    I hate the CYA test

    I totally agree that is a tough test to read!! I know my level is around 70 and I can see the dot all the to 30ppm crazy. I usually take it to the pool store that has Computer system disk that test water to find mine out.
  15. afbatts

    What did you do to your pool today?

    Added 32 oz of Bioguard Backup2 to beat these Backswimmers!! The Backswimmers are belly up now!! Also added 7 pounds of Supreme Plus to top off Borates to 50PPM,
  16. afbatts

    Water bugs... what are they?

    I was having the same problem with these things. Cajun Guy Recommended the Back up 2 and when I got up this morning they were all dead on the pool floor. I to do not have an algae problem but apparently something in this stuff puts them down. It does foam some, so I was reading another post I...
  17. afbatts

    What did you do to your pool today?

    Added 32 pounds of 20 Mule Borax and 2 Gallons of Muratic Acid!!
  18. afbatts

    Borate Drop test

    I was wondering if this Drop test kit would be sufficient to do the Borate test in Pool? I have never purchased from EBAY nor do I want to. If this kit can be used, does anyone know as to where it may be purchased other then ebay. The...