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  1. SpaceDog

    Water Loss

    I'm in my first summer season with the new pool and having way more water loss than I was planning. I think the problem is that we've had little rain and have been consistently between 95-100 for weeks (with no end in sight) Is there anything I can do to mitigate this? Has anyone used the...
  2. SpaceDog

    Saving Frogs & Skimming Water

    I'm about to place an order for 3 frog ramps for my in-ground pool. They always seem thrilled to be rescued, but I hate if I ever miss them. I'm also thinking about a couple of skimmer add-ons and want to know if there are pros or cons to either. Vortex Skimmer basket: I'd like to have more...
  3. SpaceDog

    Poolside Plants

    We installed our pool in the fall with a large stamped concrete patio and a retaining wall. On 3 sides of the patio (those without the wall) we have about 2' of mulch surrounding the patio. I'm looking for recommendations for best plants and shrubbery for this area. We live in NC, so while we...
  4. SpaceDog

    First Cold Season & Chlorine Tablets / Salt Pool

    We are starting to have days that have highs in the mid-50s and lows in the 40s. When should I drop the first chlorine tablet?
  5. SpaceDog

    Repairing pool immediately upon finish

    We opened our pool yesterday, but not before finding that the concrete in the deep end has already collapsed. Pool company is claiming that there must be a water source beneath. They intend to repair in a few weeks, but I want to be sure that they do what they need to do and we don't have a...