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    Low out flow

    I got a used clearwater ii de filter. I cleaned everything before putting together. New pressure guage which shows 14 lbs without the de added. But there's very little out flow. I ran without the grids and had plenty of flow. Grids look clean. Any ideas?
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    Above ground pool on slope

    I leveled out the area for my 18' pool. One side is about 10" high. I was thinking of building a retaining wall but after pricing it out...I'd hate to spend so much on a little wall. Is a retaining wall better than just back filling will gravel? Thanks
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    Preparing ground for installing above ground pool

    There are bushes and a small tree in the area where I want to install my 18' above ground pool. Will it be OK if I back fill the holes and compact them? I'm going to rent a compactor to do this. Also are the floor pads worth it or is sand good enough?