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    SLAM questions

    Hi. I am in the same boat as you 46,000 gallons and totally new to pools. Luckily my cya level is less than 10 right now so I am Hoping to use suchlike to raise cya in the process of slam
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    Members mark shock.

    Thanks guys my cya test kit shows up tomorrow. Using the calculator and it looks like I should be fine for my cya levels. If all is correct I should be around 20 ppm. Sorry for not using slam! I am in the process of slam now but I think my chlorine may be no good. I bought 20 gallons of rural...
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    Members mark shock.

    Hello, I am trying to balance out my 46,000gallon vinyl lined pool. When I had my water tested it had no cya in it but I shocked with the members mark shock and nervous my levels may be to high. Doe a anyone know if or how much stabilizer is in this product? Thank you