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    Bids on Semi-Inground vs. Inground... Where are the savings coming from???

    Hi all! I am going to be getting a pool installed in the spring. We're still in the planning phases and going over all of the options... We live at the bottom of a hill, so to do an inground pool right, we would have to do a retaining wall. We are located in Pennsylvania, and the first quote we...
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    Need Help Designing Pool/What to Upgrade!!!

    Hi all! I'm going to be getting an inground pool for next season and am still in the planning stages. Deciding whether to go with a local pool company or order one online and hire an independent pool contractor... I was trying to design a pool at Royal Pools website, but was unsure of what...
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    Need Help Choosing Pump/Filter

    Hello! Been reading through the forums for a while but this is my first thread. I'm looking to order an inground pool kit online within the upcoming months and have it installed (not by me.) I was looking on the Royal Pools website, and one thing I could not determine was how you know if a pump...