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    Cloudy water

    I have the manual but not a link, the filter does not have regular laterals. I need to have an email to upload.
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    Help with pool volume

    Well to a great forum of helpful people.
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    Hayward DE filter pressure drop

    If you have a valve in front of the pump and can take it apart, there might be leaves stuck in the diverter.
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    Pool Lights Hayward Color Logic

    OK, looks like the color module may not be to end of year. To many other projects on the hook.
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    Pool Lights Hayward Color Logic

    Good Day ymmoti, you are right. The Omni has better functions installed than the ProLogic but not what the ColorModule does for the ProLogic. I have asked for an update and will post when available.
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    Pump LED Light On Control Board

    Good Day, the light is an LED with a long life. It will always be on.
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    I have too say, great discussion.
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    Question: Pet Hair, Salt Cell, and Pool Warranty

    This is Hayward, The problem on the board has been addressed and fixed. Home warranty companies drive me crazy.
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    Wrong and erratic reading on AquaRite Display

    I would love to help but have questions that I need answered when in front of the board. If you would private message your phone number I will post what we discover after taking you through troubleshooting.
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    Pump Question

    If the motor is an AO Smith small frame (48) they will normally run hot to the touch. I agree with one post that the pump is too big. VSP a great idea.
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    Fine Dust Not Being Filtered

    Not sure how old the sand is in the filter but it may be time for a deep cleaning or replacement. If you replace remember to use #20 silica. Sand filter when clean remove down to about 30 mircons and become better filters as they get dirty. Make sure not to continually back wash. Very...
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    Tiny air bubbles

    You might have a suction leak. Is the water level in the skimmer to low? Also do you see the water vortex inside the skimmer. If so it could be drawing air in at the point. When you shut off the pump is there water leaking anywhere? If water is leaking on the suction side that will be...
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    Pool water discharge weak

    I believe it is time to take the filter completely apart and clean. Make sure you add the appropriate amount of DE. For the manual you can go to Welcome to Hayward Residential and Commercial Pool Products Go to support and manuals. Most manuals are listed.
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    Having trouble replacing pressure gauge in Haywood Swimpro Voyager

    Need some pictures here. The Swimpro Voyager is a private label of the Exstream filter. Gauge should come out easily.
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    Hayward filter seemingly low PSI

    Low psi is normal when running an EcoStar at low speed. What is the PSI at high speed?
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    Sand Filter question

    Not sure here, I would call our Canadian office for advice on this filter. Could be mismarked.
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    Sand Filter question

    Our Canadian office is closed today for a Holiday so I could not get an answer. Here is a run down and make sure you measure the diameter of the filter closely. Also the sand should end up about half way up the filter. DO NOT OVER FILL 16" filter 100lbs, 18" filter 150lbs. 21" filter...
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    problems with Hayward filter

    Glad you changed out the sand for #20 silica. Pools like this take a while to clean up.
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    Return water issue?

    My guess is the fingers need to be acid cleaned or replaced. If the pool is full of algae or debris it oould be loading up the filter.
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    Hayward AquaConnect ?

    I have been off line for a while, sorry. Do you have a Aqua Plus or a PS-4 system. My guess is the Aqua Plus P-4. You would assign the Aux three through the config menu. Better if we could talk and I could then let everyone know what the answer was. Can you private message me your phone...
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    Hayward AquaConnect ?

    Hi There, Can you tell me the model of control you have. It is not listed. I can help if I know which one you have. some have a valve 3 button and some don't. For those that don't you need to assign it to a aux.
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    Replacing flex tubes on Hayward filter

    The EC1031 is for the EC65 and the 1032 is for the EC75. The 1032 is 16 1/4" long. The 12" ones sound like they are for a EC40. I would go with the longer ones as this will give you more filter area for capturing debris and longer filter cycles before bumping or draining.
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    Filter won't catch dirt

    Hi, cartridge filters when clean filter at approximately 20 microns. As they get dirty the filter down to a smaller micron. My concern is dead algae and very light dust that is 20 microns or smaller. Dead algae is under 20 microns. Always let a sand and cartridge filter get dirty as it...
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    Salt is only lowered by splash out, dilution, and backwash. Hayward keeps the salt level as low as possible. The higher the level the most likely you can taste the salt in the water. Always have a pool store test salt level before adding salt or lowering level.