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    how should air jet valve be positioned on intex pool

    How so? Mine is kind of diagonal and my SWCG works fine. I'm having a hard time understanding how the position of the air jet valve would interfere with the SWCG.
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    Leaky Plunger Valve

    It's something I would do too, that's why I asked. LOL.
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    Air Jet Valve Missing

    You don't have a choice. You have to put it on. But, keeping the cap on it stops the aeration process. If yours has failed, take it off and check the oring on the bottom and whatever seal is inside it to see if it's dirty or broken. The oring can probably be replaced pretty easily by a trip...
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    Air Jet Valve leaking when pump is off

    Can you possibly link to whatever videos or sites you used to help solve this problem? A few people have had it and would appreciate learning what you have learned. Thanks!
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    3000 gph intex sand filter and 15x33 pool?

    I had the same problem with my outdoor hose as you. So I had to buy the Deluxe maintenance kit that came with the skimmer plate and vacuum head. It's just an idea, might or might not work but, You could leaving the garden hose attached to the vac head, but removing it from the bib on the...
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    Used sand filter. How do I check to make sure it works?

    Intex sand filters have a Min fill and Max fill line on the center pipe inside the sand filter. Fill sand to halfway between those two lines. Cover the top of the pipe with a cup if you didn't get the pipe cover that comes with it, so you don't get sand down that pipe. If you can find the...
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    3000 gph intex sand filter and 15x33 pool?

    Did your maintenance kit come with a vacuum attachment that goes INSIDE the skimmer?
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    Can I use intex sand filter with summer waves in wall filter?

    Does the hose connect to the skimmer from the bottom of the skimmer or from the side of the skimmer?
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    Which Intex Sand Filter should I buy?

    I guess you'd have to read all the comments. I'm done here. Thanks for your input, jblizzle, but I won't be entertaining you anymore. Have a great day!
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    Which ladder for soft sided/intex style pool?

    Oh, I see what you're saying. yeah, that would probably work.
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    Which Intex Sand Filter should I buy?

    Who says it's a myth?
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    Which Intex Sand Filter should I buy?

    Good choice on the larger one. You won't regret it. And as far as the chlorine generator, you don't need the ozone. But, I recommend following jblizzle's advice and learn how to keep a salt pool. I also recommend buy as many bags of salt as the instructions for the generator says to buy...
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    Which Intex Sand Filter should I buy?

    I don't know why everyone else seems to have so many problems with Intex anything. I've been using Intex products for probably 7 years now. I've never had a single problem with ANY, Pools, Sand filter, cleaner, or lights. I read the instructions, follow them and never have a single issue...
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    Which Intex Sand Filter should I buy?

    Get the bigger. You'll not need to run it as long every day. You want a pump/filter than can, at minimum, turn over the pool twice in 8 hours(if I'm remember correctly). The higher the gph rate, the more it can turn over the pool in those hours, which means you'll either have to run it...
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    Which Intex Sand Filter should I buy?

    Their sand filters are really no different than any other brand sand filter. Their cartridge filters are fairly small, but the sand filters are really on par with any other.
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    IDK HOW to remove all this dirt or algea??

    Vacuum to waste, either through your filter(if you have a sand filter with that setting) or by placing the vacuum head and hose inside the pool, placing the free end of the hose over the side of the pool and siphoning the water until you get flow out of the hose over the side of the pool.
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    Retaining wall blocks for support under AGP pool

    Unless those paves are flush with the ground, the shape of those are not going to work well. They really are too small because the legs will move out as you fill and will move a bit more as the kids play, and if someone happens to kick off the side, right at one of the legs, if the brick is on...
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    Securing an Above Ground Pool Ladder

    I'm not sure the manufacturer of your ladder, but Confer makes a "Ladder Adapter Kit" (They call it the LAK) that attaches to the OUTSIDE base of the ladder to stabilize it. It's about 40 dollars. It's on their website. LAK – Ladder Adapter Kit | Confer Plastics, Inc
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    Tanning oil in pool

    I've heard some say just keeping a Magic Eraser or Tennis ball in the skimmer works pretty well.
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    Summer waves doesn't come with vacuum option

    Sooo, are you using an Intex filter and pump on a, guessing, Polygroup Summer Escapes or Summer Waves pool? Intex pools don't have skimmers, but Polygroup pools do. My neighbor bought a new Summer Waves 14 x 42 inch pool last year and it came with the skimmer vacuum lid. My old Summer...
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    Unlevel Pool

    Have you placed pavers or treated wood under each leg?
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    Slightly off level, is it safe?

    You're in the clear. You can be as much as 1 to 1 1/2 inch off level and still be ok with these pools.
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    Switch for Intex Pump

    What's it doing? I took mine off, discovered the plastic peg had worn on one side, pulled out the old spring, got a spring from a "Clicky" pen, stuck it in the rocker, replaced the rocker pin, and replaced the switch. Working great.
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    Securing an Above Ground Pool Ladder

    Metal ladder or resin/plastic/pvc?
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    Intex pool unleveled and filled

    If you are within 1 to 1 1/2 inches off level, it will be fine. However, it's extremely important that you READ the directions that came with the pool. The directions clearly state that the legs MUST be placed on pavers or wood which have been sunken into the ground where ever necessary. I...
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    Leaky Plunger Valve

    Also, Intex says this: The air jet valve is leaking water when the filtration pump is not running, what should I do? Leaking is caused when the air jet valve inner seal is broken or dirty due to air pollution. Turn on the pump so that the water will not leak. Unscrew the air jet valve to check...
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    Leaky Plunger Valve

    You aren't, by chance using this fitting for the suction side, are you? The side that goes to the filter? It should be on the side that goes back to the pool, the return side.