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    DE or new Cartridge Filter

    Hi All, I purchased a house that has pool, 20,500 in-ground. Old house had a 24' round above ground. My old pool used a Hayward Pre-Flex DE filer. Loved it, I replaced a Hayward Cartridge filter in 2012 and never looked back. New pool has a Jandy 460 cartridge filter. The cartridges 1) look...
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    Hole in AGP Steel Wall

    Have a 54 inch - 24ft round above ground pool (Artesian Seville) that has developed a hole in the wall - hum not good. It's a large circle with a 10 inch diameter. It is located near the top of the wall (like where a skimmer would be). So 1/2 the hole is under water line and 1/2 above water...