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  1. Goat's Wife

    New Northeastern Pa Build

    Enjoy the June trip! We just scheduled one for December. As for our build, I haven't created a thread yet; I need to get my spec sheet out to remind myself of all the details. Our city did approve our permit yesterday, so hopefully the build will start in the next 3-4 weeks.
  2. Goat's Wife

    MN Pool Build for End of April or May

    Hest0405, you left me hanging! I waiting to break ground and was hoping to use your post as a timeline. Can you give us an update?
  3. Goat's Wife

    New Northeastern Pa Build

    Wow, this is an amazing thread to scroll through! We're about to break ground on our first pool so I came on here to learn more. Jim, I love what you've come up with. And as a 10-year Disney fanatic (DVC member, honeymooned there, annual trips) and a BIG TIME Penn Stater (We are!), I've...
  4. Goat's Wife

    New Build In Ground Vinyl Southern Ontario

    This is great to see! We're building a pool this summer too (hoping for late-May groundbreaking) and I'm new to this process. Your daily updates are greatly appreciated! I look forward to following along.