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    Next upgrade VS Pump... how to pair with my SWG

    Looking to upgrade to a VS pump question is how to set it up with my SWG that doesn’t have a flow sensor. Currently turning off/on the SWG with my pump via a mech timer... should I remove the timer and run 24/7 or is there a way to wire the SWG to the VS such that they cycle together? Look at...
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    New SWG question How much CL being generated?

    So I made the switch and I now running my brand new SWG... My question is how much CL should this thing be generating. Pool water tests are great FC 4 CYA 50-60 3500ppm salt, Ph and TA are high but working that down now. My pool is 19000 gallons so I oversized and went with a 40k Cell. Been...
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    Getting New Liner and thinking of the switching from Bromine to Chlorine

    Background: We moved into this house about 2 years ago and realized the pool was a Bromine pool which I had little to no experience. Since then I've study the pros and cons of Chlorine vs Bromine and I pretty much on the fence of which it better. But Last year we cut down a large tree and...