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  1. Charlie227

    Pump speed, Single speed pump?

    As I fine tune the speeds on my newer VS pump, I am curious what my old 1 hp Home Depot single speed pump speed was. Anyone know? Thanks.
  2. Charlie227

    No flow in pool returns. What happened?

    Solar heat on. Panels on two story roof. I was swimming in my pool this morning when the VS pump was running at 2200 rpm. Everything fine. When the VS reduced to the 1800 rpm schedule, water flow ceased in the returns. I got out and checked the equipment and the pool pump pressure increased...
  3. Charlie227

    IChlor30 question - cell voltage?

    I just ran a diagnostic cycle of my iChlor 30. The cell voltage is 17.9. What is the normal range? I didn’t see anything in the manual.
  4. Charlie227

    Speed Stir Question?

    After all the good reviews about the Speed Stir, I just got one. I’ve been testing with the Taylor K-2006c with good results without a Speed Stir. Now I have one. How do you handle the in between tests with the magnetic stirrer? Do you empty the previous test results into a screened cup or...
  5. Charlie227

    Here we go again - iChlor30 problems.

    Last October we converted our pool to salt and had an iChlor30 installed. After only a few months, the flow/sensor switch was replaced 2 times and then the unit started leaking. Pentair replaced the unit. The new unit Is only a few months old and has had it’s switch replaced once already...
  6. Charlie227

    Achieving the silky, smooth feel in a salt pool?

    I keep my SWG pool mostly within TFP guidelines. There are days the water feels great and other days I feel like I need a shower right after I get out. Why is that? All my logs are in my sig file below if you would like to take a look. Today I felt like I needed that shower. The water is...
  7. Charlie227

    Hazy water after lots of activity yesterday. Looking for a recommendation?

    Three people and two Labrador retrievers in the pool for several hours yesterday. Today the water looks like a hazy bluish color. It’s fairly clear, just a bit hazy. Lots of dog hair cleaned out this morning. Brushed the walls, too. I know the FC is a little low at present. Take a look at...
  8. Charlie227

    Minimum VS pump speed for solar?

    What would you recommend for a minimum VS pump speed to operate our solar? The solar is on the second story roof in two areas so there is quite a bit of travel and height. This time of year the solar is not needed and is off. We use it in the winter months mostly. I suppose there will VS...
  9. Charlie227

    Important Question - Wiring SWG and VS Pump?

    Until yesterday, I had a single stage pump and a Pentair iChor 30 wired to an Intermatic mechanical timer. No problem. Pump and SWG came on together and life was good. Yesterday, I upgraded my pool pump to the Pentair SuperMax VS 1.5. The technician that made the installation wired the pump and...
  10. Charlie227

    New pump and motor consideration. What do you think?

    I have and old, leaking, tired, what looks like a Home Depot pump and motor. It’s 13 years old and ready for replacement. I am considering the single speed 1.5 hp Pentair SuperMax (Sta-Rite). I am not considering a VS unit due to cost. What do you think? Good choice? Thanks. Pool logs in Sig...
  11. Charlie227

    Added Dry Stabilizer. How long to run pump?

    I added 1lb of dry stablizer to a sock and put it in the skimmer today. Should I run my pump until it desolves or just stay on my regular pump sked (10.5 hours/day)?
  12. Charlie227

    Taylor K-2006C Free Chlorine Test question?

    I've seen various amounts of R-0870 suggested for this test. The label in the box says two dippers. It doesn't specify any differences in the dipper amount for 10ml or 25ml. I always use one rounded dipper with the 10ml test. Should I use more? My test logs are in my sig file. Thank you.
  13. Charlie227

    Salt pool owners. How often do you add salt?

    We converted our pool to a SWG pool last October. So far, the SWG says our salt level is ok in the 3500 range. It’s been tested a couple of times and the salt level is close to what the SWG says it is. We have never added salt. What should I expect as to consumption and salt additions...
  14. Charlie227

    Best Test Kit for Phosphates and Nitrates?

    I had my Pentair IChlor30 SWG bucket tested today by a local company. It was putting out plenty of chlorine. So the loss of chlorine has not been the SWG. Problem I have and they tested it... 500+ phosphates and a fairly large amount of nitrates. I don't remember the number, but it was...
  15. Charlie227

    Supplementing an SWG pool with Liquid Chlorine?

    I run my SWCG about 11-12 hours a day at 50-60% We switched to salt last fall so this is the first summer with the SWG We’ve had a pretty long stretch of extreme UV lately and no rain. Pool water is clear. With the current weather, is it ok to supplement with liquid chlorine? If so, which...
  16. Charlie227

    Is my filter pressure too low?

    Before saying goodbye to a pool service and discovering TFP, my pressure gauge usually showed approx. 13-15 lbs of pressure. Two weeks in a row, the pool guy dumped generous amounts of dry stabilizer directly into the skimmer. No sock. The pressure came up some but not bad. This week, I deep...
  17. Charlie227

    Cloudy water. Need some advice.

    Two weeks ago when I started the TFP journey, I was running a high FC in the 7-9 range. Water was nice and clear. A few days ago I reduced my SWG % from 50-60 % down to 25 and 30%. At noon today, my FC was at 3 and the water is showing a cloudy haze. It’s not bad but it doesn’t have that...
  18. Charlie227

    Pool Water Sampling Tool

    I'm looking for a pool water sampling tool/dipper that is inexpensive. I've seen some of the long handled lab equipment tools for water sampling, but they are quite expensive. I need something because I have torn my achilles tendon in the past and it's hard and painful to get down on my knees...
  19. Charlie227

    Pool Math - Adding comments to logs?

    Is there a way to add comments to test logs? It would be helpful. Did I miss it?
  20. Charlie227

    Adding Cyanuric Acid - Dry Acid or Liquid Conditioner?

    Right now my numbers look good. I don’t have to add CYA now but in a little while I will. I ‘ve been testing with the K-2006C daily. I went to the local pool supply store (Leslie’s) to pick up some Muriatic Acid. They asked me if I needed any Cyanuric Acid and I said not right now. Of...
  21. Charlie227

    First K-2006C Test today. Any recommendations?

    I tested my water with my new Taylor K-2006C. I have a salt pool. I took my time, made sure everything was clean between tests, and was accurate in my testing. As was said earlier by a member, my results would probably be different than the local pool supply store and they were right. Some...
  22. Charlie227

    Leslie’s Fresh n Clear. What is it?

    Some folks around here swear by using Leslie’s Fresh n Clear non chlorine shock almost weekly. What is it? Why use it? I’m a newbie just starting to take charge of my pool. I said goodbye to my pool service. I have a K-2006C now so I’m ready.
  23. Charlie227

    New Member from Vero Beach, Florida

    Good morning folks! I found this site after some frustration with a local pool service company. After two and a half years, I fired the pool service and intend to do it myself. This website is a wealth of great information. In addition, I ordered a Taylor K-2006C (will be here Friday) and...