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    Circuit Breaker Replacement Recommendation

    I would like to please get help with buying the right CB for our pump. Our pool filter circuit breaker trips after about 1-2 seconds after turning on the filter. I measured 240V reading for it. We want to replace the circuit breaker, which is a 20 AMP, 2 pole (non-GFCI). The current brand we...
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    Hayward/Goldline Aqua Logic AQL-PS-8 Not Working Pump Timer

    We have a Hayward/Goldline Aqua Logic AQL-PS-8 Control Board. Our main pump will turn on with the circuit breaker, but it cannot turn off or on again using the builtin timer. The other pumps, such as the waterfall and pool wall fountain pumps do work by the timer. We recently replaced the C3...