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  1. Coveys

    24 Foot Doughboy Installed Today

    Well here’s the progress so far. Electrical passed inspection first time and all that’s left is the final. Water should be full tomorrow and deck will be next month. I’ll take some more photos after the backfilling and leveling is complete.
  2. Coveys

    24 Round Doughboy In FL

    Posted in the newbie forum and was asked to post progress photos here. My family and I decided that since we live in FL we needed a pool. Links to everything we are installing is in my signature. We decided to go with Doughboy after reading all of our options from local pool stores. I’m an...
  3. Coveys

    First timer with a new pool on the way.

    Hello everyone, Been reading this site for about the past 3 years and decided to sign up for an account and buy a pool this week. We live on a 1/2 acre lot in Central FL and decided on a 24' round Doughboy Autumn Breeze resin pool. We are burying it 24" and I already have pulled all of the...