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    Liner wrinkles

    So as the swamp cleared, I noticed my liner has like 3 wrinkles that go around the entire pool? How does that get fixed?
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    Needing some POP

    I guess I should be in POP mode, but it's been almost 3 days, I've stayed well above my SLAM level of 12ppm, vacuumed and brushed twice and I am still cloudy. It was a crazy swamp to start though. Didn't bother tesring CH.
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    FC: 5 CC: 0 PH: 7.6 (rising from usual 7.4) CH: 150 TA: 90 CYA: 60 (added 280 g to get back to 70) So my pool seems to be struggling a bit, I have been running pump 24/7 @ 60%, much more than usual. It has been crazy hot and sunny, but it was a few weeks ago also and I was not needing to run...
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    Do you have to shock?

    I had a "near miss" incident with the pool on Saturday when a young child barely made it out before having an accident of the brown variety, and it could have possibly began in the pool. With nothing visible, and it looking like the incident stayed fairly well contained within the bathing suit...
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    Old topic, new thread - SWG generating light on while pump off

    So I've read through searching on here and am still a little unsure. My SWG or pump is not on a timer of any sort yet, and I have been just leaving the SWG on auto. Last night I had the controller box door open at the same time as turning the pump off I noticed the generating light staying...
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    All over the map

    Hi, I am having some issues dialing in the SWG. I can't seem to get a consistent daily FC loss, mainly because the pool usage has varied and it has spent a decent amount of time covered. I've gone from losing 3.5 ppm FC in a day to losing basically none! 2 nights ago I tested and my FC was...
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    Pump re-wiring

    Ok, so I am now getting comfortable with testing and maintaining the pool and honing in on the sweet spot for my SWG, it's time to "automate". The reason for the quotes is because I am talking about a timer for the pump, lol, not a fancy control center. Having a 1.5 HP pump, I've found there...
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    All the tests all the time?

    I am sure this has been discussed, so apologies if this a dead-horse topic. Given the size of my pool, and not very high bather loads, how often should I test? Is it feasible to just run the FC/CC test and CYA test more frequently? How much does TA/PH and CH shift around in a vinyl, well...
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    Running a SWG and heater with a 2 speed pump

    Being the noob I am and not researching enough before buying, I took what the pool retailer suggested for a pump. My pump has 4 built in settings for the 2 speeds: 1. 24 hr Hi 2. 18hr HI, 6hr Low 3. 12 Hi, 12 Low 4. 6 Hi, 18 Low They probably love this pump, because I bought it in QC where...
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    Help! First Test

    Help! SWG blinking check salt and check cell Test strip for salt (1766 hasn't arrived yet) says 1180 ppm FC: 6 CC: 0.4 PH 7-7.2 TA: 100 CH: 30 CYA: 40 What do I do?
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    Newbie wants to be sure I'm on the right track

    Hi everyone, First post. I'm a complete newbie to pools and am working my way up to opening this weekend on my new pool. I've read all my manuals, and want to be sure I'm doing the right sequence: I pulled winter cover, filled, and done some "shocking" or "slamming", but to be honest, I...
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    Hi! First time pool owner, long time pool enjoyer

    Hi, Steve from Ontario, Canada. Pool specs: Above ground 54" walls 18 ft diameter Pump: Hayward turbo injection 2pd Hayward Aquatrol low salt chlorinator Hayward 24 in Filter (glass media) Pentair Mastertemp 125 heater. Climate: Eastern Canada aka winter November-April, full on winterizing...