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  1. Exlonghorn

    Another SWCG journey!

    Been doing all my researching and reading from the many others that have posted here. Just adding my experiences as I make the switch to salt water chlorine generation. Starting equipment 25K Gal Plaster pool, Jandy AqualinkRS automation , Jandy LXi Heater, Jandy Stealth Single-Speed pump...
  2. Exlonghorn

    Using the K-2006 CYA test

    A simple question...when you perform the CYA test using the dual-tube comparator, do you put the comparator in full sun or read it in shade? It makes a 30-40ppm difference in when the black dot “disappears”.
  3. Exlonghorn

    Should I be taking any special action if my CC is at 1.0 (using 0.50 resolution FAS-DPD) for two weeks?

    No visible algae, FC levels are solid , so not sure if this is really a problem or not. Rained once or twice during this time. FC did drift to 5.5ppm (80 CYA) two days ago (bottom of target range is 6.0).
  4. Exlonghorn

    Does algae form a protective barrier?

    Is this true? “When you start off with not enough chlorine the algae forms a protective membrane that makes it harder to kill. It is better to use an algaecide versus the crapshoot on superchlorinating the water exclusively”
  5. Exlonghorn

    CSI in Pool Math

    I see this in Pool School: "How is CSI calculated? Very simple – by using the PoolMath tool. Since CSI is primarily calculated by combining pH, TA, CH, and water temperate (among other items), simply enter your test results in PoolMath and refer to the CSI row. The tool will tell you if your...
  6. Exlonghorn

    Getting ready to SLAM, but sides of pool look a little off...

    I was setting up to SLAM to correct a mild algae problem, but measured a very high CYA level. Partially drained the pool to correct the CYA level, and that uncovered numerous light patches on the top edge of the pool walls. Care to venture a guess at what this is about?
  7. Exlonghorn

    Working a light algae problem....

    Latest tests using Taylor K-2006 kit...pH=7.3, TA=80, CYA=130, FC=8-ish Need to get the CYA down before SLAMing so I'm working on that now (partial drain and refill). Pretty sure I had my automatic chlorinator set too high using Trichlor tabs (only had this pool for a few months so still trying...
  8. Exlonghorn

    Dolphin T55i/30i/S300i

    Looking to move from the CC Plus to the T55i. I’m attracted to the T55i brushes rotating 2X the speed of the drive treads as a way to brush off light algae growth. The CC brushes are more for locomotion than actual scrubbing. Any T55i owners have feedback on this?