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    Wrong PolyQuat

    Closing tomorrow. I went today to put my PolyQuat in and realized I bought two bottles of 30 instead of 60. If I use two bottles of 30 does that equal a 60? I won’t be able to get 60 in time for when they come to install our new cover. Am I better off to use these two bottles of 30 or should I...
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    SWCG Test Results - Any Tweaks?

    Attached my latest pool math. After converting to SWCG and doing a SLAM, I seem to be pretty stable. I’m an over analyzed by nature, so always looking to improve. Seems like PH is a little high, TA a little low, etc. Any thoughts on my results? Or if it ain’t broke don’t fix it? Being that...
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    Heat Pump Doesn’t Seem to Be Working

    Jandy AE-TI 2000 heat pump. ~100k BTU. Water temp was 74 today. Air temp 77. Turned heater on this morning around 10. Turned off at 5. Pool temp 75. Obviously, a gas heater will heat a lot faster than a heat pump, but this doesn’t appear to be working at all. Going to call pool heating guy...
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    CYA - Keeps Decreasing

    All summer, my CYA climbed and climbed. I had to add more and more pucks. The vicious cycle continued. CYA was 150 and I had enough. I converted to SWG two months ago. While doing so, it was the middle of summer and my kids were in the pool all the time. I didn’t want to drain. I tried the...
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    TF-100 CYA Test

    Any tips for the TF-100 CYA test? I tried the TF-100 and estimated 60. Tried my ColorQ and it told me 63. I wanted to get to 75 CYA, so I added some liquid stabilizer. I used Pool Math and tested the next day. The ColorQ told me 80. I thought I added less, but it will come down with...
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    Old Cleaner Died - Need New Advice

    The Dirt Devil robotic pool cleaner that came with the house we bought died this evening. The kids named him Wall-E. I'm in the market for a new one fast! I read on the forum to call the place in Colorado for the best deal. I started looking online and honestly was a bit overwhelmed with...
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    ColorQ Refills

    Good morning. Does anyone have a good source for purchasing ColorQ reagent refills? I usually go with Amazon, but lots of reviews about the product being out of date.
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    Testing Comparisons - TF-100 vs. Color Q

    HI there. Been in the forums reading for almost a year, but recently started posting. I posted in another thread about my SWG FC. Through that conversation, I was encouraged to get a TF-100 test kit to ensure my calculations are accurate. I was previously using a LaMotte ColorQ 7. This...
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    FCL - Not Enough

    Recently had pool guy install a Hayward Aquarite 940. About 3 weeks ago. My pool is approximately 20k gallons. Things seemed to be going great. We run our pump 24 hrs, and with the SWG set at 50p the FCL built to close to 5ppm. We started turning it down to 40p, then 35p, then 30p. We...
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    PH and Alkalinity

    I’ve read a ton of threads here and I’m experiencing something I didn’t expect. Converted to a SWCG pool recently. Love it from a CL standpoint. I’m just having issues with PH and alkalinity. 20k gallon, vinyl. PH 7.7 Alkalinity 54 The PH rose from previous of 7.4 across 2 weeks. To be...