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  1. p1zaul

    Plywood pool cover

    Thinking of building a plywood cover Pool is not too wide so a a few 12 foot 2x4 or 2x6 and then sheets of plywood. Pool is surrounded by grass so no real way to properly anchor safety cover. I've seen other discussions about this but everyone seems to think it's a bad idea due to weight. I'm...
  2. p1zaul

    Manually vacuum pool with above ground filter

    I am thinking of trying to use this above ground pump/ filter combo to try and vacuum my pool without needing to hook up the the pools system. This should save a bunch of time as well as not closing up my actual pools cartridge filter. Will this work? Intex 28635EG Krystal Clear Cartridge...
  3. p1zaul

    Equipment Distance from each other and in doors

    I am in process of designing my layout for new build and have come up with the idea to have the pipes go into my detached garage and then have the pump in the garage which will then wrap around the garage and lead back out of the opposite corner of the garage where I will place the filter. Then...
  4. p1zaul

    DIY Maytronics Power Supply

    Has anyone tried to build a power supply for their Maytronics? Mine actually works fine I just would rather be able to set my own clean schedule through a smart switch. It’s too bad the normal power supply does not start the cleaning cycle when power is applied, instead you must hit the power...
  5. p1zaul

    PAL Pool Lights on Normal 12V AC DC Converter

    I currently have the PAL pool lights with the PAL commander box. I am looking to put in a pool at a new house and really have no interest in the color changing or any other features the commander box provides. Does anyone know if these lights can be used with a normal AC to DC converter for low...
  6. p1zaul

    PAL Pool Light Commander Timer

    I have the PAL 42-PCR-8A (non wi-fi version) hooked up to two LED lights in the pool. is there a way to hook a timer to this somehow to have the lights come on and off at predetermined times? i know i can add the WiFi module but not sure that really helps.