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    Aqua Plus

    I have been told that the first year or two of the Aqua Plus (15 years ago) would accept either a T5 or T15 cell. The T-5 cell is normally used on the AG Aqua Trol unit.
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    Aqua Plus

    The current Aqua Plus is a PL-PLUS or PL PLUS-16. The current model will accept all cell types with the older models only accepting the T-15. Hayward bought Goldline about 15-20 years ago. The Goldline logo still exists on some product. To know if you unit will accept all cell types, in...
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    Aqua Plus Vs Pro Logic Automation conttroler

    The Aqua Plus will do the job.
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    New Pool Build in SW Austin, TX - Pump problem - please help

    Re: New Pool Build in SW Austin, TX - We Have Gunite!! - New Pics! Just one comment on installing the cell upside down. We found that with variable speed pumps the unit works better at lower speeds.
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    So Cal (Whittier) pool remodel

    Looking good.
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    Is this filter big enough?

    The larger the cartridge filter the longer the cycles between cleaning. Hayward makes a few different types with one going all the way to 700 sq Ft. The larger filter will in many cases reduce running pressure and increase flow.
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    If you want to learn more about Hayward ColorLogic lights go to:
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    remote operation compatibilities

    This is the Hayward tech. I have private messaged you to discuss. I left a phone number. You said Aqua link which may be a mistake. We will solve. John