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    Hayward motor failed after 3 years

    How Hayward will react is how the motor failed. If a leaking seal left unattended this would be water damage. Private message me if you want to talk.
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    Brand new Hayward Sand Filter leaking from drain plug

    Not sure of the problem, you can call customer service also at 908-355 7995 to speak with a tech - - - Updated - - - SX180LA is the kit for this filter. Cap and oring.
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    Heatpump bypass????

    Hi, the check valve is very necessary for tablet feeders but not salt systems. Hayward's and most in the market place that are hooked up correctly do not need the check valve.
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    Hayward filter - 39 PSI

    I noticed that you have a caretaker system which means you have pop up heads in the bottom of the pool for cleaning. These sometimes cause higher than what we call normal pressures.
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    Hayward Ecostar not running

    If you powered down and up did a error code show up. I PM'd you with Hayward Contact info.
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    Extra Hayward DE Filter Grids -- 48 sq. ft.

    If you are converting an existing DE filter to a cartridge filter make sure the inlet and outlet are checked as with some models they change.
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    Hayward Superpump 2-speed 230V 1HP wiring help

    You bring in your wiring to the Line 1 and Line 2 lugs and the ground lug for grounding. The switch takes the voltage and transfers it appropriately for high or low speed. If a timer is needed you may want to invest in a two speed timer, there are many on the market. Intermatic is one.
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    Spider gasket replacement issues

    That is either a SP0714T or an older 710 or 712 series valve. The SP0714T has the gasket on the puck part and not in the body of the valve. If when you took it apart the gasket was in the body of the valve as shown it is the older valve. The gasket that goes into the body of the valve...
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    Pentair intelliflo vsf 3hp vs Hayward SP3400VSP

    Not sure how much water the waterfall needs or what pool pump is presently there circulating the water. Knowing what pump is there to work the waterfall will help in making a decision. The Pentair Interllflo is a 3HP impeller and the EcoStar SP3400VSP is a 2HP impeller. Both Pentair and...
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    Secret to getting spa blower to work in a spa/pool system?

    Not sure what brand of jets you have. Some jets have seals inside that make sure the air and water line are separate. I have see these fail on a jet or get left out and that specific jet will push water into the air line causing some but not all to not work correctly. I noticed that the jet...
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    Anyone know Hayward 4 way valve settings?

    Sounds like a SP0740DE four position valve for a Hayward DE filter. Private message your address and I will send a label.
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    Best Valve System for Hayward DE Filter?

    There are four valves available for the Hayward DE filter SP0710XR50 1 1/5" threaded ports. 6 position multiport SP0715XR50 2" threaded ports 6 position multiport SP0740DE 2" glue in soc ports. 4 position Filter, Backwash, vacuum to waste and bypass. SP0410X502S 2" slide...
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    Replace DE filter, question on vari-flow valve

    There are three multi port valves available for the Hayward DE filter. SP0710XR50 (1/2" threaded ports, 6 position sand filter valve adapted for the DE) SP0715XR50 (2" threaded valve, 6 position sand filter valve adapted for DE) The third one is my choice unless having a threaded valve...
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    Hayward star clear filter big leak

    Check the rod as it may have unthreaded out of the tank. When you tighten the top it will not tighten completely since the you have reached the bottom of the threads on the rod.
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    What size fitting for Hayward Union?

    The union connector kit for the Matrix pump is a SP1500UNPAK2
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    Enhancing cartridge filtration

    One more thing about cartridge filtration I do not see covered. Make sure to let the filter get dirty and rise in pressure. As the filter gets dirty it will capture smaller particles.
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    Hayward Powerline .5 hp pump leaks after 6 months

    Model of our Power Flo II pump made in Europe. I have no information as I am on the US side.
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    Hayward Superpump Var 2620 Error Codes

    I am going to assume you have an SP2602VSP. 01 is DC voltage and 03 is incoming AC voltage. Could be a drive or a voltage problem. Have the rep check it out.
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    Hayward tri star SP32102EE Electrical connection instrucitons

    I believe I answered this same question on line at Facebook. A 2 speed pump normally has three wires running to it (plus the ground wire). One common (1-115volt leg) and two more wires that connect to the motor. The common is always hot while the other two control high and low speed...
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    Try to fix my dad's Hayward earth filter, any advice would be great

    On the discharge port of the pump is a Black and Silver label with the serial number and model number. The number you gave us is the motor number.
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    Newbie need help with Hard plumbing a Hayward Power flo LX

    The PowerFlo LX only has 1.5" internal threads. Someone may have glued in the male part of the valve. The outside of the pump suction fitting is not a normal pipe size.
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    Too large pump

    Down size the impeller.
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    Hayward Powerline .5 hp pump leaks after 6 months

    You said Powerline, is that the right model? Can you send a picture of the complete pump together.
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    Frustration with my filter...

    Fingers can last 10 years.
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    New pool owner -No Flow light

    The RJ unit does not have a flow switch.
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    Calculations and need to replace pump, line.

    Using gauges to determine the TDH on a system only needs two readings. One off the discharge of the pump (pressure gauge) and one off the suction of the pump (vacuum gauge). In looking at your specs I believe you have one reading to many. The pressure gauge at the discharge port will...
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    Hayward above ground pool skimmer part

    Can you tell me the model of the skimmer.
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    New pool owner -No Flow light

    If the flow light is staying solid the most likely problem is the flow switch not closing. Could be a bad flow switch or inadequate flow.
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    Pondering the big swap to VS / dual speed

    Bobo was right, FL has one of he lowest costs for electricity. A surge protector would be a priority if I was in your shoes.
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    Hayward Ecostar 3400 Making loud Squeel

    Not sure what this sound is but I am going to try and find out. - - - Updated - - - OK, most in the field feel it is the fan in the back rubbing or out of alignment. Take the back shroud off and check. I also sent you a private message.