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    Test Kit Refill TF-100

    I have purchased the TF-100 test kit a few seasons ago. I pretty much have run out of the R-0013 reagent. On website I see I can buy a replacement bottle. On Amazon, I see a similar R-0013-E reagent made by Taylor Technologies. Is the R-0013 reagent for test kit TF-100 the...
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    Jacuzzi (Carvin) SaniClear 20 Flow Sensor and Part Removal

    Hello All This week my flow sensor just went bad, and I will need to replace. Jacuzzi/Carvin doesn't seem to be a well sold brand here in the US. From what I can tell, it looks like Carvin/Jacuzzi is an rebranded version of the Hayward chlorinators and uses the same parts. Would any one...
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    New Pressure Gauge

    My pool pressure gauge is no longer working and needs to be replaced. I'm looking at a water gauge at Lowes that has the same connectors for much cheaper than Leslie's pool. The only difference is that the gauge from lowes connects at the bottom where as my current gauge connects on the back...
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    Utility Pump For Tarp Question

    I recently purchased a .5 HP non-submersible pump with the intent to remove water on top of tarp. It has a 1inch connection for input and output that I connected to my 1.5 inch hoses. So far, I am not getting any real suction on the pump. Any suggestions for what to check for for that may be...
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    Clear Water Pump for Winter Emergency

    Hello. Being in Georgia I don't feel it is really necessary to close down my pool being that if it does go below freezing, it doesn't last very long. I do have a freeze protection guard on my pool pump for those one off days and a tarp over the pool. A power outage during an extremely cold...
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    Carvin/Jacuzzi Starlite LED Possible Replacement

    Hello All I have a Carvin/Jacuzzi Brand Starlite LED that looks to be going bad. Also, it looks like something is growing inside of the LED. Has anyone had any issues with this brand of LED lights? Would this be something easy to replace? See the picture of what the LED light looks like.
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    Automatic Cleaner Suggestion for upgrade

    I am looking to start saving for a pool cleaner for next year and getting rid of my entry-level aquabot. I want something that can not only clean the floors, but also includes a brush for the walls and waterline with an anti-tangle cord. If it can do steps and ledges, that would be a welcomed...
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    Pool Pump Union Leak Pipe Dope

    Hello, yesterday I decided to deep clean my sand filter without an issue. This morning, I noticed that the union that connects the pump to the filter has a minor dripping leak. I tried to use plumbers tape with out any luck. Based on reading, I am thinking I could use pipe sealant (pipe...
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    Changing Eyeball size improve circulation.

    Regardless of how I aim my return jets, my pool wants to rotate clockwise. The only issue I have is the water moves too fast when moving clockwise and misses the skimmer at times. I don't have a variable speed pump. My pool pump is located near the top (see left image) which I believe makes...
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    What is This

    Hello All After reading about adding a pantyhose on the skimmer, I decided to try it last night. See the picture of what I picked up when I checked this morning. I am glad this stuff is out of the pool, but I am wondering what this stuff is. I did touch it and it wasn't slimy or coarse. It...
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    Weird Things On Water Surface

    I have slammed the pool, and the pool water chemistry is currently balanced. Running the pool pump, and pulling from the skimmer pool seems to put a small dent removing this stuff. I am not sure exactly where to ask this question, but can anyone identify this clear-ish stuff floating on the...
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    Slamming Pool Issue due to Work

    Hello All. I am in the process of Slamming the pool. I thought I would have been done now, but I haven't passed the 1ppm loss overnight test yet. Tomorrow I go back into the office, and wont be able to see to the pool. I am concerned that while I am away from the pool I will lose previous...
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    Remove Water On Top of Pool Cover

    It's about that time for the cover to come off of the pool. However there is still a good amount of water on top of the pool cover due to the rain. Last year I used a wetvac to remove the water. I am thinking there has to be a more efficient way. What is a good way for removing the water on...
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    Dead Area of Pool and Return Jet Direction

    Hello All I have noticed that everything from dirt to bugs to leaves seems to always settle in the exact same spot on the deep end. I have been reading on this forum that if the pool circulation isn't very good, you can experience problems with the things settling in the same spot. I also...
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    Intermatic PF1102T Pump Turns on Off manually not Automatically

    Hello All I recently purchased a PF1102T Time with freeze protection and decided to use this time in place of an old Intermatic T104R. I am currently wired for 240 volts. I can get the pool to turn on and off manually, but for some reason I cannot get it to turn on automatically with the...
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    Jacuzzi/Carvin Magnum Force Pump Strainer Basket

    Hello All I have a Jacuzzi/Carvin Magnum Force pump, and I am unable to remove the strainer basket. It seems to be stuck. I have tried pulling it and rotating it counter-clockwise without any luck. Does anyone else have this pump? If so, how were you able to remove the strainer basket?
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    Saniclear 20 Controller and Saniclear 40 Cell

    I am thinking about upgrading the Saniclear 20 to the Saniclear 40. I cannot find any information on the difference between the Saniclear 20 and Saniclear 40 controller. I do know the Saniclear cell produces more chlorine. Both controllers look the exact same with the exact same connections...
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    SWG Pump Time and Chlorine percentage

    Hello All I am coming off a slam and trying to figure out the optimal setting in terms of pump time and chlorine output percentage going forward while my chlorine decreases. Seeing that the saniclear 20 outputs a maximum chlorine of .33kg (~.7 pounds) is there a cool formula to determine what...
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    Trouble with fine brown type of dirt

    Hello everyone. After 3 months (long story) I am finally able to start maintaining my pool. I know there were days where the FC levels have either been 0 or very close to 0 as I have been testing with strips. So far, the pool has been pretty clear to a point where I can see the shallow end...
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    New Pool Owner in Georgia

    Hello all. My name is G and after about 2.5 months, I am now a pool owner out of Atlanta. I am ready to whip this pool into shape hopefully before it turns into fall. I want to thank you all for any future help or suggestions.