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    bugs in my skimmer

    We use socks and hairnets, so I bent a metal coat hanger and use that to fish the basket out of our skimmer. All it took was one spider running up my arm for me to decide to not stick my hand in there ever again. :eek: I just leave the hanger in the cabinet with our robot and grab it when I...
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    Solar Sun Rings or Blanket?

    Oh, I wish I'd seen this earlier - glad the 15' is working for you! We have a 28' round with the safety fencing and cut our solar blanket in to 4 wedge shaped pieces so we could pull it though the ladder. That said, we're being super lazy this year and not really using it - taking the heater...
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    Pool liner - colors?

    I don't have pictures handy to post, sorry, but it's the same color as the one in the thread I linked, just round instead of oval.
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    Pool liner - colors?

    Hmmm, I'm really not sure. This is only our second season with our current pool, and we're in Minnesota. Unless we have a few days in a row in the upper 80s-90s, we need our heater. We have the same liner used in this build (scroll down a bit), Blue Bayou by Doughboy, and these pics are spot on...
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    Pool liner - colors?

    They could be fiberglass pools. Some of those offer the dark blue color with a tile edge.
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    Pool liner - colors?

    I wonder if some of that color is from the lighting - perhaps blue LEDs combined with shade/dusk? That pool might look very different in full sun.
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    Anyone Regret Getting A Tan Pool Liner?

    These are SO pretty! :love: If Doughboy had a tan (or even gray) expandable liner, that's what I would've picked. The blues are pretty, but ours is just too blue.