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    Pool closing strategy

    Hello, The pool season is still on and I am happy with my TFP pool but I want to plan in advance. It sucks but with my location I will need to eventually close the pool for winter. Even if we don't swim, I always close the pool by end of October or beginning of November because water stays...
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    Daily loss of chlorine

    During the weekend we got 2 beautiful days. Really hot hot hot and full sun. We used the pool a lot. I have a pool cover but I left the cover off for the weekend. By doing tests this weekend, I noticed that I lost 4ppm of FC each day. That requires me to use a lot of liquid chlorine at each...
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    Link between TA and CYA?

    Hello. What is the link between TA and CYA, if any? How do they relate and how they impact each other? Does a high CYA imply high TA? I was seeing no link between these parameters but now I am not sure. Thanks
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    Chlorine concentration and Pool Math calculation

    On the liquid chlorine gallon that I buy, there is 2 concentration written: Sodium Hypochlorite: 10.8% Available chlorine content: 10.3% Which one is the concentration to use when doing calculations, like in Pool Math app? Until now, I used the lowest to be safe, but which one is the good one...
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    Pool products storage inventory question

    Hello, I have a lot of pool products in my pool products storage. All are from pre TFP era. I don't know which one are OK to keep for use and which one are not. The goal would be to avoid throwing it in the garbage if it could be useful at some point in time without damage to the water...
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    Test kit received I am intimidated - with results

    Hello, OK. I finally got my K-2006C test kit and Speedstir. It is nice. I think I now have everything I need to perform my own tests without relying to the pool store which make me feel great. But now that I have everything in front of me, I am intimated and I am not sure how to do my setup...
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    Stenner pump all-in-one install

    Hello, I would like to install a Stenner pump to feed liquid chlorine. The space where I have my equipment is limited. I would like to get a 15 gallons tank to put LC in. I would like to have the Stenner pump installed on a support that would be on the tank or that would hold on the tank so I...
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    Trichlor chlorinator and Stenner pump

    I have a trichlor chlorinator connected to my return line. I don't want to remove it and throw it in garbage as I already have it and I see some situations where I could use trichlor occasionally. Following this, on the return line, I would like to install the injection for liquid chlorine with...
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    Liquid chlorine freezing temperature

    What is the freezing temperature of liquid chlorine? I am installing a Stenner pump setup. I am always closing my pool late so I have no issues opening at spring. I suppose that I will have to remove my setup before closing when freeze begin to avoid damaging pump and tubing? Or is liquid...
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    Muriatic acid with vinyl liner

    Hello, I will confess I would like to follow the advices and use the products recommended but I am a bit afraid of muriatic acid. Everybody around me tell me that it is very dangerous ... I am not stupid, it is an acid so it is not a toy like other chemicals but is it at that point dangerous...
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    Reading test results problems

    Hello, I will get a real test kit to be able to get near pro results as recommended, based on the assumption that I will be able to use it. In the meantime, I have a basic test kit that I bought in beginning of march a lot of time before getting interested in TFP. It does not give all the infos...
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    Algaecide usage

    Hello, Are you using algaecide on a weekly basis? Like Poly 40% or 60% ? Si you think it is required or just a good thing to do and prevent? Also just to confirm, in the methodology weekly shock is required? Only maintain chlorine level according to CYA level and SLAM in case of issues? Is my...
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    Taylor test kit and related items

    Hello, Where do US residents purchase their Taylor test kit and other test kit related items in the US to get the better prices? Is there specific stores that are known to offer good prices for this kind of product? Thanks!
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    Muriatic acid and phosphates

    Hello, I got Muriatic acid to lower ph as recommended. On the container it says stop the pump for 12 hours after putting the acid in the pool. Is that normal? Are you doing this that way? It seems weird. And what about phosphates? Pool store said I have 322 and want me to buy a high price...
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    Test kits comparison

    I am comparing TF-100 tests kit and Taylor K-2006C using the TFP comparison chart. For the CYA tests, the chart says 15 tests for TF-100 and TF-100 XL and 25 tests for K-2006C. Is there an error in the chart? Unless I am misunderstanding something, based on TF-100 site, the TF-100 kit comes...
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    Adjusting pH and CYA

    Moved from here. I don't want to hijack the thread but I am still newb and following your comment, I have 2 questions. First, I used dry acid to lower the pH when required. I see many people referring about muriatic acid. What are the advantages and disavantages of using muriatic acid instead...
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    Where to find PVC pipe union with 1/4 NPT thread insert

    Hello, My return pipe to pool is with flexible pipe. I want to cut the pipe and join both side with a PVC union that includes an 1/4 threaded insert. I want to connect the injector of liquid chlorine in this insert. I am pretty sure that it exists but I am unable to find it. I asked my local...
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    Peristaltic pump compatibility

    Hello, I am looking to buy a peristaltic pump to automate liquid chlorine distribution. I am in Canada and finding a peristaltic pump at an affordable price is nearly impossible. Maybe it is just me, but I didn't find anything robust and easy that can be installed outdoor at an affordable...
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    Pool Saga - Low FC, High pH

    Hello, For another season, the pool saga seems to be started. :) I am newbie on the forum and I am trying to learn to have better control on my pool water. First, if I understand correctly, people on the forum don't seems to trust the tests made in pool store. I don't understand why exactly...