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    Replacing Aquapure1400

    I have been using the Aquapure 1400 for the last 15 years and have gone thru numerous cells but other than that the system has been great. My current cell is bad (3years old) and I wanted to upgrade to the true clear or something newer but do not want to get away from the iaqualink technology...
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    Salt Level IAQUALINK vs Pool Store

    HAving trouble getting pool to retain chlorine. Water is clear. decided to let pool store test and compare numbers. Said my salt was only 2200 but my Iauqalink is showing 2900 ? Generator is running at 85% for 12 hours per day and doesnt seem to be able to keep up FC-1 TC-1 CH-200 CYA-40...
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    3 x3 pool tile

    Anybody recognize this pool tile. It is 3 x 3 for my spa wall top. Cant find anywhere on Line. Not original tile. Pool builder replaced when it fell off before.
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    Raypac 406A problem

    When trying to use my raypack heater, i can hear the igniter clicking, then after a few seconds a explosion of some type and it actually blows the front cover off. It makes a buzzing noise and then when it tries to ignite again it does the same thing. i tried to ignite it once with the door off...
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    Jandy VS FloPro Variable Speed Pump and iAqualink Review

    Thought i would provide a homeowner review for those interested. I recently replaced a Pentair 2HP Whisperflo pump with a Jandy VS FloPro. I also had to upgrade my Jandy RS-8 control board as i had revision MM so I decided to upgrade to the iAqualink at the same time. The Jandy FloPro was super...
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    installing Jandy VS ProFlo

    My Jandy VS Flopro is supposed to be here tomorrow. In preparing for installation, i realized that when i cut the pipe to remove the Whisperflow i will have to replace the part of the inlet pipe that contains a hose spigot as there is not enough room to glue in a coupler. I have never used this...
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    Jandy VS FloPro Variable or Pentair IntelliFlo 3HP Variable

    Need some advise on a new pump please. Pool is only 6 years old but motor needs replaced and pump needs parts also so i figured now is the perfect time for an upgrade. Currently have a whisperflow wf-28 2HP single stage uprated pump. i do have a spa. I was considering the Jandy Pump as my...
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    Need Opinions from Pool Builders Please

    I have a 5 year old Anthony & Sylvan Pool that that spa tile falls off of every year. They always send someone out to fix it, but it continues to happen. Anyway, when the tile guy replaced the tile this spring, he pointed out that all of the coping was loose. He verified this by showing me...
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    Algae Problem

    OK so i am at the end of rope with this pool this year. First of all my readings. 5.5 - FC 0 - CC 70 - TA PH - 7.6 CH - 270 CYA - 70 Pool is constant sunlight from sunrise to sunset. Water temerature yesterday peaked at 86 degrees. Now the problem is the stains that you will see in the...
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    Best Pool Brush for Plaster Pools

    Having trouble getting the stains off the sides of my pool. Pool store recommended the steel bristle brush ? Any opinions ?
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    Spa wall tile falling off

    I have a 4 year old Gunite Pool. Every year when i take my cover off the tile on the spa wall on the pool side are off and in the pool. I call the pool company and they send someone out to reintall and regrout the tiles. Can anyone tell me why this might keep happening ?
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    Just added absorbic acid

    O.K. i have the same problem and i tried the vitamin c tab and the stain lifted. I just added 1lb. of absorbic acid and some algecide. My question is it o.k. to run the salt generator as the filter runs now or should i turn the generator off? Post says to minimally add chlorine so should i do...
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    Which number is correct - aquapure or test strips

    My salt reading on aquapure is 2500 but aquacheck test strips say 3240. Which is more accurate and how do i calibrate aquapure if strips are correct ?
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    New test #'s for Waterbear

    Ph - 7.6 CL - 2 T/A - 80 CYA - 60 Calcium - 200 Salinity - 3320 Also just added the Borates today. Will try to order test strips and measure when they get here. Do you think i need to raise the Calcium level to 300 for gunite ? Any other suggestions ?
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    Spa Seat and walls very rough like sandpaper

    Have an inground pool with attached spa. When i removed the cover to open pool i noticed that the entire spa is very rough like sandpaper. Pool is 2 years old i i run a salt generator. What is th roughness and how do i get rid of it ?
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    updated pool test results, comments on my actions please.

    cl - 1 ph - 7.5 cya - 20 t/a - 110 fc - 1.5 cc - 0 ch - 220 ph is low because i just added muriatic acid yesterday. Ph spikes constantly. Am i right to assume that i could just add dichlor or triclor and that will raise my cya as necessary and also lower the ph as it spikes. Water is crystal...
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    Just got new test kit. How do my numbers look ?

    Pool is almost 2 Years old. Gunite Pool 19,500 gallons. Here is my first test results. Pool just opened 2 days ago. Water 60 degrees. Fc - 3.5 cc - 0 TC - 3.5 PH - 8.2 TA - 130 CH - 220 CYA - 20 Salt - 2830