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  1. jszotkie

    Actual size of freeform pool

    I am waiting for spring for completion of my pool. I have a question about the actual size of a freeform pool. I originally planned on a 16X36 freeform pool, but after it was marked out, I decided to go with 18X36 pool, at an increase of 2300.00. No one came out and re marked the dimensions...
  2. jszotkie

    Waiting for spring

    I have to wait until spring to have my pool finished. The contract was signed on 6/23/18. The hole was dug on 8/1/18 and steel was done on 8/2/18. Gunite was done on 8/24/18, and tile was done on 9/21/18. Fence was done on 10/29/18. All that is left is plaster. They wanted to do it Nov. 9th. I...