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    Pentair SuperFlo shaft seal leaking.

    I have researched it and have the rebuild kit ordered, bt will not arrive for a week. Right now I'm loosing about 1/4" every day. Is it likely it will hold on long enough for the rebuild kit, or do they deteriorate rapidly? Should I worry about the pump motor? Should I run the pump only during...
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    Has pool calculator changed?

    Hiya, It's been a while since I've been here. I am starting my pool up and had to drain and fill. It's only a 2300 gallon in ground. The first thing I do is lower the Alk with muratic acid. I thought I used to use pool calculator to tell me how much muratic acid to add. My notes say add two cups...
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    Sand filter leaking after cleaning

    I did my first deep cleaning of the filter sand and when I put it back together there was about 1/8" gap that I could not get it down any further. I added the clamps and igt looked like it brought it together, but see now it's leaking around the seal in back. What happened? My flow problems were...
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    Looking for a liquid chlorine injector for a 2300 gallon pool.

    Hi folks, Getting ready to open the pool. I have a very small in ground pool and I have been adding chlorine bleach manually for the few years I've been maintaining the pool. I have read about the "liquidator" but can it be dialed back for my little pool? Thanks in advance!
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    Sick of buying new ozonator due to back flow check valve failure.

    On my 4th ozonator due to the back flow check valve failing. This one lasted only 14 months. Any useful advice would be appreciated.
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    Can I drain my in ground pool for the winter?

    My pool is three years old. Every year when we open it the water is beyond disgusting. Mold and slime is so thick. This spring I had to drain it just to get rid of a relentless CC that would not break after almost three weeks of slam. The pool is fiberglass in ground. It has a roof made from...
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    How important is FC levels in a Jacuzzi with ozonator?

    Hi folks! Yes, while I add chlorine before use, it's been to zero over and over yet there has been no observed problems. Lucky or science? Why are there so few post in the hot tub section? Thanks!
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    CYA in indoor spa?

    I was told by the installer to add 30ppm CYA for my hot tub. It is in a screened room and never sees any sunlight. Is there any other reason they would recommend using CYA in my spa? I have very hard water, when changing the water I fill with soft water till 80% full and switch to well water...