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    Any Transplant Pool Owners?

    Yes, this, and hugs to you and yours! As for swimming when the pool is in the shade, that is truly my favorite time to be in ours. There's something so restful and relaxing about swimming without the glare and the sun beating down - love it! :love:
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    My Dad's Pool

    So very sorry for your loss, Casey - sending love and hugs to you and yours. 💐 I hope with time the pain eases, and the memories bring happiness instead. 💕
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    What did you do to your pool today?

    Backwashed the filter, threw Jack (S50) in, and turned on the heater. I'm planning on having pizza delivered to the back yard tonight because when I get back from driving to/from downtown Minneapolis in rush hour traffic this afternoon, I plan spending ALL evening floating around in the pool...