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  1. CarolD

    Liquid Chlorine

    Check again at HD. Just looked and at least as of their current online inventory, they have 9 3-packs available at the Temple store. The chlorine they sell is 10%, and is sold in 3-packs for $9.98. If you buy four 3-packs, they take a dollar off each, so 12 gallons for $35.92 plus tax. Be...
  2. CarolD

    Pumice Stone

    Ok I feel really dumb here. I am trying to clean tiles at the water line which seem to have a calcium buildup. I am using a pumice stone that I purchased at Home Depot in the pool chemical section. As I am rubbing off the buildup, the pumice stone is dissolving and going into the water. Also...
  3. CarolD

    How to calculate how much CYA in a puck

    Thank you! I see now where I should be looking!
  4. CarolD

    How to calculate how much CYA in a puck

    I know this question has been asked before, and I have read the answer, but I can't find it right now. I am kicking myself. I left the water on overnight and did an unintended water exchange. I measured this morning and my CYA had dropped so I could see the dot with a full tube, so I am...
  5. CarolD

    Pool essentials liquid chlorine - retail

    Try Home Depot. I was able to purchase liquid chlorine throughout last winter. It is 9.98 for three gallon multipack of 10%.
  6. CarolD

    15 Jugs of Chlorine, and what do you get?

    As I mentioned at the beginning of my post, my pool is built and I am currently using liquid chlorine for sanitation. And I wasn't suggesting that using a SWCG couldn't be done in Houston, only that six different pool builders had given me a similar story about salt water pools and why they...
  7. CarolD

    15 Jugs of Chlorine, and what do you get?

    Thank you for your thoughtful responses! I think it's time for me to start doing some research!
  8. CarolD

    15 Jugs of Chlorine, and what do you get?

    You get a hump in your back, sucka. I made the switch to using liquid chlorine late last year. My pool is just over a year old. I've read here that most people on this forum (seems like far greater than 50%) use SWCG for chlorine generation. While I've been thrilled with the results of...
  9. CarolD

    So confused.

    First things first, you need to get rid of the test strips and purchase a good quality pool testing kit. There are really only a couple of choices: TF100 TF-100 Test Kit ™ or Taylor K-2006-C : Taylor Service Complete Pool Water Test Kit K-2006C : Swimming Pool Liquid Test...
  10. CarolD

    New Owner, Old VERY Neglected Pool

    I have no advice to offer, but I do LOVE reading through these long threads about taking a pool from yuck to yay. As I read through, I was on the edge of my seat. I'll be watching for your continued progress and I pray you will see a crystal clear blue pool soon!
  11. CarolD

    Do you check your pool daily?

    I don't know the volume of water I add, but it's about 1/2 inch every 3 or 4 days. I didn't pay attention last week and it was down 2 inches. Caused problems with my pump getting air, I suppose because the water wasn't high enough for the skimmers to operate properly. After that I try to be...
  12. CarolD

    Do you check your pool daily?

    I am a TFP newbie without a SWG, so I check chemicals every day. With Houston heat and sun, and no appreciable rain for the last few weeks, the chlorine demand has been pretty high. I have to add upwards of 3/4 gallon or sometimes more to keep my FC in range. It's pretty quick though, about...
  13. CarolD

    Testing puzzle

    Thanks, frogabog. The pictures really didn't illustrate the colors as well as I'd hoped they would. Or maybe, my eyes deceive me and the picture is a truer representation of the color! Regardless, your advice about going with the .2 gradients is good. That's what I'll do!
  14. CarolD

    Testing puzzle

    Ok just finished testing for tonight. There is still a difference between the two test blocks, however, it is not as dramatic as previous tries. Last night, I dosed with MA to bring down TA and PH in the hopes of turning my 0.0+ CSI to less than 0.0. I was successful. Here are my test...
  15. CarolD

    Testing puzzle

    I tested three times! With the test block from the K-2006 I used reagent R-0004. With the test block from K-1001, I used R-0014. Weird, right? I am going to test both again tonight and post pictures shortly.
  16. CarolD

    Testing puzzle

    I am a bit puzzled by my latest test results. I have two test kits. My main kit is a Taylor K-2006. I have a secondary kit (my first kit purchase, while I was still making the transition from test strips to drops) which is a K-1001. Both are less than a year old. I rarely use the K-1001...
  17. CarolD

    Hot climates chime in.. how much CYA do you lose?

    I see very little CYA loss in the summer time in the Houston area. If it does go down, it seems to be because I left the hose running while refilling and changed the water mix. My CYA went to almost nothing over the winter months, so I used leftover pucks in March to bring it up to 50ish. I...
  18. CarolD

    How did you decide what kind of pool and what size of pool?

    Of the six pool builders we talked to last year, all of them built only gunite pools. I had heard of fiberglass, but knew that there was a size limitation, and since we wanted a larger pool, that went right out of the mix. I didn't even know there was such a thing as a vinyl liner for inground...
  19. CarolD

    Algaecide and Sequestrant

    CYA is 50. Going to be gone for 5 days.
  20. CarolD

    Algaecide and Sequestrant

    Thanks for the info. IceShadow, you are right, I don't close my pool for the wintertime here. I just continue with chlorine, albeit at a much lesser rate, for the duration of the cold months. There have been a number of conversations here about what to do for chlorine while on vacation. I...
  21. CarolD

    Algaecide and Sequestrant

    Hello again. First of all, I just read through a 17 page thread about clearing cloudy pool water. I am so impressed with the patience you've shown and the help you've given the OP. It is really commendable! I hope her water clears soon! Now for my question. When my pool was finished in...
  22. CarolD

    is all bleach from retail stores 6% now?

    Pinch a penny has 2.5 gallon containers of 10.5% for about $7.88, however, you pay about $17 the first time for the container. Best price I've found so far is at Home Depot on Fry and 99 (not sure just how far West in Houston you are). They sell 10% in 3 gallon packs for 9.98, or if you buy 4...
  23. CarolD

    Muriatic acid best practices

    Do you store sealed jugs in the trash can also, or just the opened jug?
  24. CarolD

    Confused about total alkalinity vs. carbonate alkalinity

    Woah, I am so confused. Everything I've read says liquid chlorine has a PH of 13. How can that be considered neutral?
  25. CarolD

    TFTestKits CYA View Tube Question

    Yeah, I said easier, not better...but I get your point. Most of the videos online that I've seen used the tube with the larger dot. It's a difficult test to read, and very subjective, so was trying to see if a different tube might make it easier for me to determine when the dot disappears...
  26. CarolD

    TFTestKits CYA View Tube Question

    I own the K-2006 test kit, but I was poking around on the TFTestKits website looking for things to spend my money on (since I now stay out of the pool store). I ran across the CYA View Tube for $3.50. It's a nice looking view tube with a bigger dot at the bottom, so I think it might be easier...
  27. CarolD

    Chlorine, chlorine, who bought all the chlorine. Oh, it was me...

    I was reading through another thread and it sparked a question about my pool. In the other thread, someone mentioned that their target was 8-10, and it was mentioned that adding chlorine above 10 was just a waste of chlorine. (I am paraphrasing here.) So here is my situation. With 50 CYA, my...
  28. CarolD

    High FC burn off rate?

    The ozonator is functional. After reading on TFP, I realize that we don't really need it. When it dies, I doubt we will replace it. I am so grateful for all the good info on this site. Thanks for your patience and feedback!