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    Rarely need to backwash sand filter?

    Hi all, This website and the pool maintenance guide has been an excellent source of information for me and my pool is truly trouble free for the first time (3rd year of owning this home and pool). I thought it would be annoying adding liquid chlorine every night but it has quickly become...
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    Couple Questions about Adding Diatomaceous Earth to Sand Filter

    Hi all, just a couple of quick questions for those of you who add D.E. to your sand filters: 1. I know you have to add D.E. after you backwash because it flushes it all out. Do you add more D.E. every time you backwash? Or do you just add some after a heavy swimming load/rain storm, etc...
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    2 pool equipment leaks, please help!

    Hi all, I have a couple of leaks in my pool plumbing equipment and would like your opinions on what the best way to fix them is. Since I am new to this stuff and don't know what many of the locations/parts are called, I took some photos to show the leaks. First leak is circled in red (Photo...