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    Continuation of an odyssey

    Wow, I bet that's nice! Straight from the hose here is COLD, even in the summer. Noodles and beach balls filled with sparkly confetti are the teen favorites here. So is screaming. I don't understand that part, but there's always a lot of screaming when her friends/teammates are in the pool...
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    Continuation of an odyssey

    Oh that's a pretty color! 😍 How old is your daughter? Last year my (now) 13yr old and a friend were in the pool before the fill water had a chance to warm up too. Their lips turned blue pretty quickly and they came back out, but there was no way they were going to not get in that pool once it...
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    Sink deck posts in concrete or up on blocks?

    I don't know about pool stability issues, but we're putting our deck addition on blocks and not attaching it to the existing deck so we don't have to pull permits (freestanding vs attached to the house - your city may have different requirements). We also have some drainage and frost heave...
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    Reef liner by Latham

    Ooh, that's pretty! 😍 I wish we could get something like that for ours.
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    Something You Wish You had Done was...

    Yes, that, along with putting it somewhere else, and going bigger for the actual pool. Our neighbors had a bigger pool and complained about it, saying they wish they'd gone smaller. They have three kids to our one, so we listened and went with smaller. We use ours so much more than they use...
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    Sun Fiberglass Pools

    I don't know anything about fiberglass pools, but this? This is totally normal, and it probably won't be the last time you feel this way. Don't worry though, it'll all be great when it's done. (y) I hope you'll share pics as it goes in.
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    Trying to find in-pool pictures of a Doughboy "Seastone" liner

    Nobody? Hmm, perhaps that's a good indicator we should stick with the Blue Bayou?
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    Trying to find in-pool pictures of a Doughboy "Seastone" liner

    Does anyone have a doughboy "Seastone" liner in their pool? My internet searching isn't pulling anything up, and our dealer doesn't have it in any of their display pools. We chose the "Blue Bayou" liner, but the current version seems really dark, and we still have a bit of time to change it...