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    Adding Waterfall Pump(Secondary)

    3700GPH is about 60 gpm. Not sure what HP model pump you have, but some may be able to support.
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    Now the heater.

    I have the same question about power. Normally when the heater lights there is power. Shutting down after a minute could be no flame recognition. You should have a code like IF?
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    Hayward Blower motor runs on

    The LO code will also come one when the pump shuts off and the pressure switch opens, this is normal. If the LO is lit when the pump is on one of the switches (pressure, High limit (2) or if indoors the vent pressure switch) is open. Test each one. The blower continually running could be a...
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    Pro Logic Automation Question - Overlapping timers possible?

    This is Hayward, I fully agree with Mass985.
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    AquaLink Z4 and Hayward TriStar Pump Communication

    There is a way for the two to talk to each other but it is a lot of wiring. It is shown in the manual. I will help you if possible. I sent you a private message.
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    Hayward Pool Light Goes Dim

    The key is going to be the voltage at the light. If you have 12 volts at the transformer and the light cord is over 50' you may have a transformer problem.
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    How is heat in spa mode supposed to work?

    This sounds like a configuration problem within the controller. Sounds like when you put the pool into the spa mode the heater is not enabled to come on as you want. Go through the configuration menu to check. Private message me with phone number if you want a tech to call.
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    Problem controlling gas heater from easytouch system

    Hi There, the heater should also be showing bo mode which is for by-passing the controls on the heater and giving them to the controller. Then it should be in pool or spa mode. refer to the manual for putting it in bo mode.
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    Hayward 400FDP 2 months old getting IF (ignition failor) error

    Having a heater technician put a manometer on the gas valve will tell you where the problem lies. Remember, when you add a 400,000 BTU appliance to your house you could be doubling the load on the tank. Most homes have a BTU load of around 175,000 to 250,000 BTU's. We normally recommend...
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    hayward h200ed2 wont ignite

    Check all orifices and burners for spiders.
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    Infinity pool catch basin overflowing

    From listening to everyone I am suspect that the size of overflow basin may not have been built big enough. In helping builders with building infinity pools I find this to be the biggest problem. By knowing the square footage of the pool surface, length of weir along with the depth of the...
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    Hayward H350FDN IF Failure PLEASE HELP?

    When ever I hear about the IF code I always go to having a manometer put on the incoming and outgoing side of the gas valve for gas flow. Flow is important here not pressure. Here are the check points. Spider webs in the orifices and burners Making sure the ground on the flame sensor is...
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    Connecting Tristar SP3202vsp to omnilogic

    Patrick, I believe you spoke with Dan and John at Hayward and you are up and running.
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    Hayward ProLogic Filter VSP Drive Comm Error

    The EcoStar is still manufactured. The drive problem was solved.
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    Inground pool leak

    To make sure it is a leak fill a bucket with water and place it on the steps in the pool. Mark the water level in the bucket and pool. If the level drops the same, evaporation, if it drops more in the pool, leak.
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    Dual LED lights not the same color? Not sure which one you have.
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    My Hayward H100ID pool heater made noise

    Someone needs to take the heater apart and expect the exchanger. Could be a baffle issue inside.
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    Heater Problems

    Based on the information provided I would check the gas train first. Could be as easy as removing and cleaning all the orifices. Spiders like to get in there and block the gas flow to the ignitor. When you have an IF code that normally means insufficient fuel. Could be blocked gas line...
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    Hayward Pool Heater FAIL (with pic)--new Heat Exchanger Available?

    When going up in BTU's make sure the gas line will support the larger heater. I have dealt with many customers who went up and had problems. Going up only 50,000 BTU's should not be a problem but be cautious
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    Hayward 400 IO Failure code

    Since the flame sensor is rusted and the connection is not good there may be a poor ground. Replace the flame sensor and if it does not solve the problem check all the wiring for the ignitor. If the wiring is ok, replace the ignitor at that point. As always we strongly recommend that this...
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    Help with new set up

    I have provided a picture of where the two wires from the controller go for hook up. Strongly recommend that this be installed by a technician who is familiar with the control and heat pump.
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    Backwash valve leaking....OK to install ball valve on discharge line ?

    Hayward's backwash valve have a different size for the top and bottom o-rings The top one is the largest one with part number SPX0410Z2. The bottom one is smaller with part number SPX0410Z1.
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    Can I replace an Aqua Logic board with a Pro Logic board? Please help!

    I thought I had already replied to the post. The original post was for the Pro Logic and this board is good for all Pro Logic boards. The Aqua Logic has a different board.
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    Can I replace an Aqua Logic board with a Pro Logic board? Please help!

    Only Pro Logic which I thought he was talking about.
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    Can I replace an Aqua Logic board with a Pro Logic board? Please help!

    Hi The GLX-PCB-PRO is the board you want. It is backwards compatible with the MAIN board. It is the board you should use. Please call tech service and they will walk you through the wires. 908-355-7995. Or you can private message your phone number and I will have someone contact you.
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    Hayward H400 Heater won't fire .

    The fact that you are viewing the flame through the window tells me this is most likely a millivolt. Assuming this is a millivolt heater the first thing I would do is make sure all the gas orifices are clean of spider webs. If this does not solve the problem it sounds like a pilot generator...
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    Gas or Heat Pump - Austin, Tx - daily pool use

    When we talk about heating trough the winter with a heat pump we need to consider the temp during this time. Most heat pumps do not work will below 60 degrees. Our website at Welcome to Hayward Residential and Commercial Pool Products has a calculator but may not give you all your answers.
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    Hayward HM250 ED2 Heater "BOOMing" on start up

    Also clean the gas orifices.