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  1. Hayward Pool

    Anyone replace Hayward Blower Vacuum Switch?

    The part number for the blower vacuum switch is IDXL2BVS1930. The first thing to check is the hose to the blower to make sure it does not have any cuts or has come loose. The blower vac switch just closes and completes a circuit. wires can go either side. Could also be a board problem...
  2. Hayward Pool

    Hello from Fayetteville, Ga

    Hello from California, glad you found the site.
  3. Hayward Pool

    Has anyone else had this problem (with Hayward EcoStar Variable Speed Pool Pump)

    Can you verify the actual model number. On the housing near the basket of the pump is a black and silver label with the model and serial number. We make a pump without the SVRS (safety vacuum release) and one with the SVRS. If you post your phone number or email on Private message I...
  4. Hayward Pool

    Captain Sander

    NorthStar Pump parts are still available. There is a black and silver sticker 1/2' X 2" on the side of the housing (not the motor) this will give you a model and serial number.