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    Thank you TFP!

    Thank you TFP folks! I'm happy to report I just became a gold supporter. I'm so grateful for all you all do to make Trouble Free Pool live up to its name. And it does! I've easily saved the amount of my donation in the short few months I've known about and taken the advice of TFP gurus.
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    Baquacil gone, difficulty regaining balance. What next?

    Hi pool chemistry gurus, Here's my dilemma: After many weeks, and your guidance, I have finally gotten the baquacil out of my pool, achieved consistent <.5 CC, and crystal clear water. Yay! And thank you! However, now our FC varies dramatically (and i still use many gallons of bleach) and TA...
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    Adding CYA

    How do you add CYA? I’m having the same problem as above.
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    High CC reading during baquacil to chlorine conversion and yellow staining

    Hi again. I am still trying to get my chlorine reading to 15ppm, following PoolMath instructions. today i reached 14, which is the highest yet. I had the same reading (11) at bedtime as I did this morning, so that seems like progress too, in that the pool retained chlorine for the first time...
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    TFP test kit question.

    Hi- quick question. when i use the test kit to test for chlorine the directions tell me to add drops until the water turns clear. Does clear mean not pink anymore or clear like crystal clear? Thanks!
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    Hello from Vermont

    Hi everyone, I'm just introducing myself- My husband and I are in our second summer (well, I can't really call it summer here yet. Brrrrr!) of pool ownership. We are dumbfounded by the cost of pool chemicals and are so happy to have come across the TFP website. It makes so much sense! I...
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    Hi, I am in my second summer of pool ownership. Last summer we used Baquacil and hated it because of the stench that we could never get rid of. I am in the midst of changing to chlorine (the pool has been open for 4 weeks) and having a devil of a time. I have spent many hundreds of dollars on...