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  1. Hayward Pool

    Cracked return faceplates

    Here is the breakdown for parts on the 1408 and 1411.
  2. Hayward Pool

    Hayward 4820 DE filter - First year, and Observatiosn?

    Hi, Not sure what is going on here. Could be too much DE added at first. 48 sg ft model needs 6lbs or approximately 9 1lb coffee cans clean. Double check the plumbing of the waste line and valve.
  3. Hayward Pool

    Sealing simmer cover

    The two screws are there to secure the lid making it harder to be left off and become a hazard. There is no gasket to seal the lid.
  4. Hayward Pool

    Hayward sand filter leaking

    Not sure of exact model of filter. Most likely one of the poly pro models that do not patch well. Better to buy a new filter. Going back only 10 years it must be one of those. If you have the model number that would help.