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    Need to install new spa & pool lights, is it hard?

    My spa light is out and my pool light is intermittent. I ordered the new spa light (Hayward SP0535SLED100) but haven't put it in yet. I've seen some videos and with the right safety (breakers, etc) it doesn't seem to hard to DIY, thoughts? Thanks, Jeff
  2. J

    Are these Calcium deposits?

    Any ideas how to remove and keep from reforming? FC 6 CH 175 (adding more calcium) TA 80 CYA 60 pH 7.8
  3. J

    Hurricane - Chemistry following Harvey Flooding

    Hi All, we are getting back to pool maintenance, post-Harvey, and had a few questions to run past the forum. We got 30" of rain, but I loaded the pool up on bleach before the storm. We then evacuated for a week. No home damage, fortunately, so now I can focus on the pool. I drained partially...
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    Why are my spa lights changing colors so rapidly?

    Hi, I've got a light in my pool and one in my spa. I don't know the make, but can look. The problem is the spa light is very rapidly changing colors, at least once a second, it's almost like a strobe light. Has anyone had this happen, any ideas what could cause that? Thanks, Jeff
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    TX Torrential rains & my recent SLAM

    Hi, so I just finished my first SLAM 2 weeks ago and enjoyed a clean clear pool with great numbers until the storms hit. Monday night we had torrential downpours overnight in Houston, between 6-10 inches fell, and I woke up to a Pre-SLAM looking pool, in just 12 hours! The numbers and picture...
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    First (and last) SLAM Completed - My Thoughts and Advice

    Long story short, bad pool store advice had me keeping my FC at 1-3 with pucks (adding CYA in the process), with me allowing it to go to zero, not knowing any better. Enter Algae, more pool store bad advice, lots of money spent on quick fixes, and constantly clogging cartridge filters for a...
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    First SLAM Prep - Ready to get this Algae!

    Hi ya'll from South TX. I've been in my house for a year, and not knowing any better kept the FC at 1-3 with tabs, and couldn't figure out why my filters were constantly clogged...until I found TFP. Now I know the issues, just got my TF-100 and am ready to get started. I attached a pic, it's...
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    Hello from Houston, TX (jeffc2112)

    Hey y'all, happy to have found TFP, the forum, the helpful info, and great people/advice! I moved to Katy, outside Houston, last year, and have been challenged with this pool. Seemed to start getting green after just a couple days, and the filters were clogging constantly. Pool store and...
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    High Pressure constantly - Cartridge Problem?

    Hi, thanks for the forum, I've read some great stuff. I've seen a similar question to mine, but I'm trying to clarify a bit... I have a 4 cartridge Hayward filter with 9 month old Pleatco cartridges (not sure of size or model right now, but some details in the signature). I've been in my...